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  1. gugarci

    Uniden R3 Smartcord Button Just Stopped Working

    Today after having used this unit for about a year the mute button on my smartcord stopped working. The smartcord will power the unit but will no longer mute alerts or change the brightness. I have a spare smartcord & the other one is working well. Does anyone know if replacing the fuse on the...
  2. gugarci

    Black Unmarked NJSP on Garden State Parkway Before Exit 153

    FYI, This afternoon I came across for the first time I can remember a black unmarked NJSP on the Garden State Parkway just before exit 153 with a customer. It was definitely NJSP because the Trooper was outside of his car serving his customer. The Trooper was driving a black Chevy Impala. I...
  3. gugarci

    What is the Best Radar Detector? Uniden R3 vs. Redline EX vs. Max360 vs. Valentine One

    New @Vortex video. if this was posted elsewhere I missed.
  4. gugarci

    R1/R3 Factory Reset

    Besides from the obvious that it resets all settings to the factory default does the factory reset do anything else? I know when you install a FW update you're supposed to do a factory reset afterwards which I did when I updated the FW to 1.26 when it was first released. The reason I'm...
  5. gugarci

    Northern NJ Route 80 between Totowa & Parsippany Police using black unmarked Ford's

    FYI, Just came back from a trip to Parsippany. On my way there I came across 2 Police officers riding tickets using unmarked black Ford Tauru's. First one had a car pulled over in Totowa & the second one had a car in Parsippany. Usually the NJSP patrol Route 80 & always use marked cars. This is...
  6. gugarci

    May Have Encountered X Band in Northern NJ (Parkway) or Found R3 Bug

    First of all I have not encountered any X band alerts in more than 15 years where I live in Northern NJ. About 30 minutes ago I was traveling on Route 19 & entered the GS Parkway South. After traveling about 1 mile I saw the Police on the right side of the road standing outside of his vehicle...
  7. gugarci

    Is the Frequency Read Out of the RX65 M4 Accurate?

    Quick question. For those people who have used an RX 65 in the past did you consider the frequency readouts to be accurate? My RX65 M4 has picked up a local gun on 33.681 3X and I've confirmed this is not a false alert. Thanks.
  8. gugarci

    Keep my current RX65 M4 or Upgrade to a Pro 300

    I've been using radar detector on/off for a long time. My first detector was the first Passport. I've been using my RX65 M4 for over 4 years. Have only been stopped once while using it. Wife and I were having a discussion and I did not react it time to Lidar on the NJ Turnpike. But I got off...