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  1. Holla

    Not happy with my ALP install

    Yep get your money back---The bubbles are even not even the same, one in and the other out. WOW these guys SUCK bad
  2. Holla

    GT500 and Yukon Denali

    So you end up with 2tx/rcv and 2tx on the front?
  3. Holla

    R3 Power Connector Draining Battery???

    It should not draw enough to drain your battery---the R3 has an auto cut off I think in the settings!
  4. Holla

    Full or empty tank for 0-60 run? e85?

    Yea has this race been done yet in Mexico?
  5. Holla

    Ticket... MD..... 100mph+..... Laser..... State Police

    ALP Hands down the best out there, go with 2-Reg heads and 1-TX front and rear, $$$$$$ well spent! And DO NOT turn off your RD, you have a R3 right? use it!! When you get the ALP's post up a picture, front and rear of your car and well help with correct placement :)
  6. Holla

    GT500 and Yukon Denali

    Mustang seems ok, but the Denali put the TX above the GMC logo!
  7. Holla

    Radenso Video: What is a SDR and why does it matter for Radenso Theia?

    And its FRIDAY, Theia Friday :)
  8. Holla

    GR Supra TMG or ALP

    Def 3 then--if he can set the ALP TX on top of the plate, that may be the 21 inches he needs--He would be solid!!
  9. Holla

    GR Supra TMG or ALP

    I think this would work well with 3 ALP's up front--If no dragons then probably 2
  10. Holla

    TMG install on a GT350

    Yep go ALP if you face the dragons--Period!! Spend the extra and dont look back---
  11. Holla

    Radenso Video: What is a SDR and why does it matter for Radenso Theia?

    7+:20bux::20bux::20bux::20bux::20bux:-- Just take it already lol
  12. Holla

    Blendmount Causes GPS Malfunction with R3

    what kind of car?
  13. Holla

    2020 - R7 - RDD

    Hmmmmm News to me if so!
  14. Holla

    Radar Uniden R7 x5 encounters-16 minutes drive time-Ka and K bands on 1-30-20

    Hmmm Sell the R3 and get a R7 till Thia, thats the question?
  15. Holla

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome! ALP is what you want!!!
  16. Holla

    My R3 for sale on ebay

    You can sell it here on this site without worry and get decent price---screw ebay
  17. Holla

    Hi, I'm Bob. New to the forum - Looking for ideas about ALP Placement on a 2020 Genisis G70

    Hello Bob---we need pictures of the front/rear of your car for us to help with placement
  18. Holla

    New Radenso T-Shirt and Mesh Hat

    Looks nice--you happen to have any shirts with the big design on the back and little logo on the front?
  19. Holla

    Hi, I'm new here with an old Valentine One

    If you like your old V-1, get you the V1G2, they have updated the whole deal and is superior to your old model! Its up there in the ranks with the Uniden R3/7----