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  1. infiniti

    This is why you don't let people "try new stuff" on your car

    reviews on Amazon are a catastrophe. With respect to your detailer, I'm not sure why he didn't do research on the product with a simple web search or test an inconspicuous place first. So sorry, my man.
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    Sold/Ended V1 Gen 2 - 450 shipped corvette forum
  3. infiniti

    Extensive K Band Settings Test - Pro M & R7

    Yes, but the Pro M is “quiet.” :) So is no detector or switching the R7 off.
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    New User From WV

    35.5 is common in WV and, with the terrain, can be short notice. in my experience, you could run 5-7 over even down the wrong side of the interstate and not be pulled over. seems to me the state police in WV have other interests. Come to ohio if you want to check out your equipment! the r7 is...
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    I am the PROUD OWNER of an R3 .... AGAIN !!

    Enjoy, @benzr . It's a monster!
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    I'm sure this is a silly question but here I go.

    There's always the judge, now in 2.0!! Please buy one for you and all of your friends and ask them to drive in front of me in Ohio. (j/k, these don't work...)
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    Got a new mobile 2m/70cm rig for the car

    Wish I knew wtf that was... maybe I'll google. Quite the setup you have there...way above my head.
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    ALP & NR DSP on X6 M50i

    Yeah, some cars are really difficult. I had a Nissan 370z and mounted the parking sensors in the lower grill. I had instant punch throughs as I crested every hill. As you may know, the NR DSP head is not that sensitive to being perfectly straight and level but the ALP heads are. Good luck!
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    Nissan CVT's

    My brother has a 2009 Murano with about 150k miles on it and had the CVT replaced once under warranty. Feeling like it is slipping again.
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    OnePlus 8/8 Pro

    Had the 7 pro and it is very nice. Currently using the Samsung s20+ and do like the wireless charging - use it every day, not to mention 120hz screen, wireless power share, SmartThings natively integrated, top of the line cameras, etc. Though, it does have a dot at the top :)
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    ALP & NR DSP on X6 M50i

    The tx head must be a minimum of 20 inches of the ground. All heads most be level and straight ahead and not recessed from trim. And those rx heads cover a max radius of 24 inches I think. I'd expect the dragon eye to punch through that configuration easily.
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    Looking for validation in my thoughts on placement

    As you do the TX placement, the guidance of "at least 20 inches off of the ground" is a minimum standard. 18-20 will cause you problems with reflections and render the TX much less effective. For this, I find that on many sports cars, this requires three RX heads vs. two RX and one TX as the...
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    Automated car plate Readers (ALPR)

    Different slant on this - I’ve been looking for a security camera for our neighborhood with LPR capabilities as we’ve had a few attempted break-ins and would like to be able to track down suspects. Are there any retiring police LPRs for sale on any channels or quality consumer versions?
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    Custom Remote Display Idea

    You’re crushing the value of my r7 with this work!
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    2019 Golf R Radenso RC M Stealth Install with ALP, 3 TX and 3 RX sensors

    Looks fantastic. Would be interested to see testing with the latest DEC from a tripod, to see how it fares. It appears that there are some pieces of the car ahead of the RX heads, which could lead to some punch throughs. If not, this is a fantastic stealth install.
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    where can i get killer deal on ALPs?

    If you are not in a hurry, watch the for sale section here and piece something together. I bought mostly new components, but picked up a triple from someone else for a second vehicle. FWIW, they are expensive and worth every penny for me. Lots of lidar in ohio.
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    2015 GMC Acadia Denali TMG

    added a photo of my setup for you. keep them straight and level, they stick forward quite bit. but they work.
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    2015 GMC Acadia Denali TMG

    Have the same car and put the two front outside ones up in the higher slot to cover the headlights. Center one is same spot as yours. very solid with a truspeed S. Haven’t tried it with DETC.
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    Highway Radar v2.3: Voice control and alerts reporting

    Awesome. I still see 2.2.2 in beta on Google play store.