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  1. Patton250

    IROAD X10 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam Thoughts

    I would very much like to get some input on this dash cam from anyone that has experience with this company. I have about had enough of my BlackVue 900. I’m obviously looking for dependability, ease-of-use and a little bit better longevity. I’d also like a decent cloud type operation. The cloud...
  2. Patton250


    Let’s say for the sake of discussion that the new Radenso Theia is only half as awesome as what we all know it’s going to be. Doesn’t it pretty much render all other Radar Detectors obsolete? With the exception of financial considerations of course. I mean if you can’t afford it you can’t afford...
  3. Patton250

    BlackVue DR900S- IOS 13 Wifi connection issues

    FYI if you are an iPhone user and you upgraded to IOS 13 your WiFi connection to your BlackVue camera is toast until they get caught up. So basically my DR900S is a brick for now unless I want to travel back in time to the 20th century and use a computer to get the videos. Nice job BlackVue.
  4. Patton250

    Picked up new wheels

    I had some custom fully forged wheels made for my MB C450. What do you guys think? Took me a long time to finally decide on what I liked.
  5. Patton250

    Thoughts on this rim

    After painstakingly searching the Internet for weeks I finally came up with the perfect rims for my Mercedes C450. At least in my opinion. I would love to get your thoughts on this rim company and product if anyone knows anything about them. I don’t know anything about rims or companies that...
  6. Patton250

    The Official Ultimate App or no App Thread.

    In my opinion if you absolutely must use an app to bring out the features in a window mount detector it completely destroys the point of having a window mounted detector. Examples are you can use an app for the settings in a Max 360 and 360c but then you don’t need it when you’re using the...
  7. Patton250

    Other Flock of cops on a bridge

    LMAO. It’s like 94° in Florida and these chuckleheads are having a lidar convention on a bridge. Sorry for the one minute video but I wanted you to see that they were shooting radar first so I immediately slowed down and yes I also killed my jammers immediately @BaileyAB :) Why would so...
  8. Patton250

    My R7

    Serial number 9A003919 Well I have had absolutely zero problems with this thing. I have it dialed in nicely now. I took a long 7 hour drive yesterday from Tampa to Columbia South Carolina and had many encounters. Very few falses. A couple of annoying very close Chrysler encounters LOL but...
  9. Patton250

    Help Poliscan Alerts

    This week I have been in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. I had the crap scared out of me twice in the exact same area on Highway 17 N. where I got several Poliscan alerts. Come to think of it I did get one also somewhere on the way up from Tampa but only one. The first alert in Mount Pleasant...
  10. Patton250

    ECU tunes

    Any of you have experience with having your ECU’s professionally tuned? I kind of have a nightmare story of getting mine done locally but I just joined a car forum where people are reporting having it done on many different cars for years with great success. I’d love to get some input from you...
  11. Patton250

    R3 Doorstop

    Well until these are back in stock the only thing my R3 is good for is a doorstop. Lol. I have absolutely zero idea how this happened. I take extremely good care of my stuff.
  12. Patton250

    ALP’s @950’,450’& 300’ PT’s on Mercedes C450

    Well those of you that know me know I finally got my Mercedes Benz C450 back after three months of repair. Over the holiday a pro shop installed my ALP’s, 2RX and 1TX up front and 2RX and 1TX out back as well as 1 front DSP and 1 back DSP. They also installed my BlackVue 900 and did some other...
  13. Patton250

    EZ Mag Mount total FAIL

    Im up in Maine this week so I brought my Max 360c with me to play with in the rental. I think we all can agree the the mag mount sucks. First you can never get the angle right. It’s either too high or too low. But at least in Florida it would stay put on the windshield. Well not in cold Maine...
  14. Patton250

    Patton’s Mercedes-Benz

    Well this is the reason why I have been out of the laser jamming fun for 2 1/2 months. As some of you know in September I traded in my C300 for a C450. I just had to have the TwinTurbo V6 engine because I know how safe I am with all this countermeasure stuff. LOL. Well in the first three days...
  15. Patton250

    Testing in Tampa Florida Area

    Let me know if anyone is interested in getting their ALP’s or TMG tested with the latest DE or a PL3. I live in the Wesley Chapel (Tampa) area and if you are willing to come to me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon ( with a heads up notice) I will be glad to help you out. The weather is...
  16. Patton250

    Grill Install Challenge

    I just picked up a beautiful new (New to me) Mercedes-Benz C450. I am pumped about this car. It has a six cylinder TwinTurbo and after I’m done doing a tune on the computer it will have 440 hp. However I’m at odds of how I’m going to mount the RX heads on the grill. I’m not going to hack...
  17. Patton250

    Escort..... The company

    It’s been a while since I’ve ranted here but here I go. One of the most important aspects to me in business is customer service. In fact it’s the most important aspect of business in my opinion. Great customer service. I demand it. I 100% insist and demand it otherwise I absolutely don’t care...
  18. Patton250


    Forgive me if I missed it but has anyone tested the 360c against anything especially the R3?
  19. Patton250

    Blackvue 900 overheating

    Well now two consecutive business trips in a row where the unit remotely alerts that it’s going to shut down because it’s overheating in parking mode. That pretty much makes this camera useless all summer long in the south. Good grief.
  20. Patton250


    So I just got the new BlackVue 900. I changed the Wi-Fi password like I do all wi-Fi passwords . I ran into some difficulties with the app so I logged out of the Wi-Fi. Now trying to log back in this stupid thing is telling me that I have the wrong password. That’s impossible but it says it...