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  1. Patton250

    New Car Prep

    I love working on my car also but only doing the stuff I’m good at. I don’t have the patience or the talent to take care of the ceramic coating I have on my car.
  2. Patton250

    New Car Prep

    That’s a beautiful ride. I wouldn’t think of trying to wash and wax that thing personally. Don’t get me wrong I wash my wife’s Ford truck but I’m not going to do it to a beautiful car like yours or my Mercedes-Benz. There’s just too much that can go wrong. IMHO
  3. Patton250

    New Car Prep

    Holy moly. Too much work. You know there are people that do that for a living right? :-) let’s see some pictures
  4. Patton250

    Interested in seeing custom Concealed Displays

    That’s a great idea. Something has to be done. What they have now is unacceptable in my eyes. No visual information and I can’t see mine when the sun is out. There’s no way I would consider using what I have now without JBV1.
  5. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    Thanks man!! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I’ll go back and be in time out now.
  6. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    Did you happen to make a video using the thinkware cloud? The camera itself looks pretty awesome. However impact notifications while I’m away from the car is very important to me. Plus it looks like the new DR900X isn’t coming out anytime soon or at least there’s no information on it.
  7. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    I don’t know my friend. It’s what they said. You probably know more about the camera then they do. What do you think I should do with it? It won’t keep time so its a pain in the butt to find video clips.
  8. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    Oh boy. Lol
  9. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    When is the 900X coming out? 1586576897 Exactly. Lol. And don’t for pain in the a$$ too. Lol
  10. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    That’s not what Blackboxmycar told me. The internal time stopped working and I was told by them that’s it’s typical and battery needs to be replaced. I of course have know idea what that are talking about. All I know is that I can ship it to them and for $150 plus shipping they will fix it. But...
  11. Patton250

    The perfect dash cam

    Is it really? I’ve had enough of the blackvue 900. Nothing but problems. Now my internal battery that you cannot replace is bad so it won keep the proper time. It still over heats and turns off too. I was looking at the U1000. It’s new and looks promising but being able to get alerts and look at...
  12. Patton250

    IROAD X10 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam Thoughts

    I would very much like to get some input on this dash cam from anyone that has experience with this company. I have about had enough of my BlackVue 900. I’m obviously looking for dependability, ease-of-use and a little bit better longevity. I’d also like a decent cloud type operation. The cloud...
  13. Patton250

    Ya'LL Broke Valentine!

    I just ordered mine. LOL
  14. Patton250

    V1 update ?

    Actually it’s very rational. It’s called freedom. The man is embracing capitalism of which VR seems to be destroying at the moment. Besides isn’t the purpose of this thread and the others like it designed for people to put their personal opinions and input on the current VR situation? If so then...
  15. Patton250

    Sold/Ended Very vintage V1

    Who is Karma??? Is it a man or woman? Is this person some sort of ninja or assassin that goes after people you personally feel have disrupted capitalism? Lol
  16. Patton250

    Looking for quality installer in FL

    I know someone awesome in Tampa