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    Waze used as a team and properly can shut the cops down

    Hello guys and girls of the rdf community... hey I was just observing and realized that if the whole U.S. population used waze together as a team, police speed traps would have hell to pay. Check it out I was watching a state police literally struggling to catch someone speeding...LOL!! 🤣🤣 they...
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    Keeping it real about Uniden

    Hello guys and gals, of the RDF community.. Check it out.... my R3 seems to be in most cases out performing my R7. Now I could be wrong but in my opinion it seems to be a little stronger, now I've actually put the R3 back in my work pickup to play with it, since I drive that the majority of the...
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    Hi Jon at Radenso i have a question

    Hello Jon, sorry to bug you, but I have a question... What exactly is Instant On Scout? And what does it do differently than other radar detectors when it comes to sniffing out I/O from far distances. I'm looking forward to buying one of your units for my wife... by the way I'm new to the forum...
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    Price Proposal

    I propose that Uniden drop the R7 to 350... So they can control the market share. Because they would clearly dominate in sales at that price point..While they work on a smarter updated & upgraded detector... Yall tell me what you think of an R7 for 350.00.. And how many of you guys and girls...
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    TMG!! Dont forget to keep updates rolling out for existing customers

    Hey guys, I'm hoping TMG doesn't forget to keep the existing system updated!! For those who do not want to buy the vpr system..
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    R3 superlong range

    Hello guys and girls of the RDF community, just wanted to say I was in Lynchburg Va... This is NO LIE!! MY R3 sniffed out the local boys 35.5 from 7 miles out!! With HILLS AND VALLEYS AND CURVES!! I WAS in a company truck and I snuck my R3 in there to test it out in Lynchburg because of the...
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    I gotta question how wide is the laser jammer beam

    I was wondering how wide is the laser jammer beam??
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    My rigged up install Tmgs and R7

    1575923950 Yeah i did a poor installation and rig, but until I get it properly done. It'll do for now!! [email protected]@🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Thanks to kennyc56 and variable wave

    MUCH Thanks to you brothers, I appreciate yall testing out my jammers today, yall were great, I'm looking forward to more tech testing!!
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    Where do I get my TMG tested?

    Hello ref community, I have installed a set of TMG triples on my work pick up. It's a Tacoma, I'm curious.... even though I know there are few countermeasures users in Va, I'm checking to see where I can get someone local or out of town to test my jammers with police laser... if not it's ok, but...
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    Hello radar friends new tmgs

    Hello guys and girls of radar community, I'm out here in Va, where everything radar related is illegal for us non police people.. anyway I just bought a set of TMG triples for my Tacoma work truck so far so good. I run both the R3 and R7, So far no tickets actually in 20 years of running radar...
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    Hello, I'm new to the forum.

    Hello this is walt I like all radar equipment