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    Help! V1 Gen 1 Falses

    That is part of the topic, don't see a problem with the discussion going on here. In the Escort and Uniden section members call those companies out when deserved. I see no reason why members can't hold V1 to the same standard.
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    V1G2 doesn't see some laser

    If it's a fixed location just rely on a gps based database like Wazs to alert you. Check with your local in country radar detector dealers to see what threats you face. Then you can see which detectors are designed to work in your country.
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    No Alert from Regular Speed Trailer?

    This topic comes up from time to time. Many newer detectors can and will filter some of these speed signs out. Could be a K band sign that has drifted so far off frequency a detector will ignore it. Possibly this sign was on a different frequency all together so a detector will not even see it...
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    Have the bugs all been worked out for the V1G2?

    All things considered that is a great chart. A user that has one of those units can then adjust the settings for their own K band needs and can get an idea of what level of performance to expect. Well done.
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    Valentine One Gen 1 X Band Constantly On

    If it powers on, isn't smashed up, and the stickets are in place you should be good.
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    Recommendation please - stealth is top priority

    I'm late on this thread. My first question is what is your definition of "Stealth"? To me this means a detector that is immune to an RDD (radar detector detector). This should only be a concern for you if you travel in Virginia, parts of Canada, and Washington DC. The other application for...
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    QR codes and Escort Live?

    So far they have not been charging anything for Escort live. Waze is just so simple though and plenty of users.
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    Escort Passport (Cincinnati Microwave) Board Pics

    That DSS phone had insane range.
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    V1G2 return shorted on refund

    I think this post sums up this entire thread really. Well said.
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    New Old Redline?

    I still think something is odd here, the year and made in canada just does not add up. Hope you didn't buy a Chinese knock off.
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    New Old Redline?

    No when he says direct he means direct from Escort, in Ohio. The old Redline has been out of production for three years maybe.
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    I'm sure this is a silly question but here I go.

    Fun Star Trek concept to think about, in reality it's a bad idea that you should probably give up on. Just saying.
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    Is the escort 9500ix outdated or still a solid unit?

    I should also add, there have been no new radar bands to "download" as you stated. For the future it's all going to be KA and laser as well as speed cams. In the USA the next big thing will be MRCT and MRCD. A simple download will not save you from any of that. The game of cat and mouse continues.
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    Is the escort 9500ix outdated or still a solid unit?

    To be fair the entire radar detector industry has had to deal with CAS and BSM systems that cause false K band alerts.Older detectors from any brand will drive you nuts with K band alerts.
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    help contacting Valentine please

    I understand your situation but thousands of companies have been forced into an unprecedented moment. When they are ordered to close their doors and send everyone home it's game over. Very unique situation that is not the fault of any company.
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    Learning and looking for input from the community

    The auto lockout feature has worked beautifully for many many years, it first came out on the 9500ix model i think. You can turn that feature off if you want. Since PA is pretty much all K band you might consider the V1 gen2, the Pro M, or the Max 360c.
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    I need to upgrade from a 9500iX

    Take your pic, V1 gen 2, R7, R3, Escort Max 360c, Radenso pro M. You might look into some laser protection as well, a detector alone won't protect you.
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    Roadand Track V1G2 AD

    Car makers will step the voltage down to 12- 13.8 volts on these new 48 volt vehicles for accessory ports. The only way you would burn your cell phone or detector up is if this system in the vehicle malfunctioned.
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    V1G2 impressions

    Escort still holds the patent on GPS so that's why it's not in the detector. V1 had three choices, pay Escort royalty fees, add it anyway and get sued, or bypass Escort and use an APP. They chose the APP route, I can't blame them.
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    Does anybody know what kind of radar/lidar gun is?

    That will be a laser gun, not radar. The giveaway is when they hold it to their face and aim it just like a gun it's laser. With radar they usually hold it out at arms length with a handheld unif.