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    TMG Duals on Lexus Sedan

    Sharing some test results from yesterday. Shooter: @RedRocket Position: Left of driver side TMG A-15 ver 8.09 Lidar: Laser Atlanta Torch, PL4, TS Sxb, DET, and DETC Results: Head Location: Originally purchased a 5 head kit from @Jag42 with the intention to install 3 front and 2 rear...
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    Land Cruiser with aftermarket bumper

    Looking to get some feedback on installation of three TMG heads on a land cruiser. I have done a bunch of research and below is what I can up with. The aftermarket bumper protrudes about 7". Location: CT/NY/MA. I would guess 70% CT (mostly TSS here) Note: I don't have spot lights currently...
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    Introduction - CT/NY/MA

    Hello! I have been lurking for the last few weeks and have been learning a lot from RDF and its member. I started with a Passport 8500 x50 many many years ago. Looks like I am long over due for an upgrade :). I have owned a WRX, STI and ZX-6R in the past. Current driving a LS430 and Land...