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    R3 vs Pro M

    With the next firmware release, the R3 will detect MRCD and MRCT (I think). Assuming this to be true, what is it about the Pro M that makes it worth $150 (37.5%) more than the R7. P.S. I already own an RPSE and an XP.
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    Escort Live! Error

    I searched this forum and only found some old threads. After I enter my userid and password in the iOS app, I get the error, "The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format.' I've deleted and reloaded the app from the app store. Same error for the past 24 hours. Any ideas...
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    The Perfect Radar Detector?

    Radenso device that's updated as frequently as the R1/R3. I love the hardware, but the length of time it takes to get what appear to be simple fixes written, tested and distributed is frustrating.
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    RPSE Hard Wire Question

    Both wires in the RPSE hard wire cable are black, so there's no way to determine which one to hook to the 12v positive source. One of the wires has some 'gizmo' (see attached) on it. 1. What is the 'gizmo' for? There are no markings on it and there were no instructions. 2. Will I damage the...
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    XP - A Design Advantage

    I just received my XP and am using a Blendmount. The sloped back end of the XP allows it to tuck up, closer to the rear view mirror, and still maintain access to the buttons. :)
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    Barrel to RJ11 Connector

    I'd love to get a Pro SE, but I already have a hard wired RJ11 cable. Does anyone make a converter connector?