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    Beltronics GT-1

    has anyone noticed on the GT 1 that when setting up the Detector there is only 7 bands of KA segmentation where the manual is showing 10. I tried thru escort live and manually thinking I,m missing something but other members have replied that they see only 7 1594650847 Also the Sever to update...
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    Beltronics GT-1 only 7 Ka segments?

    Hello I could use some help I purchased a GT 1 off of E Bay and I noticed in the Manual set up that KA has 10 segments to choose from. But when I set it up thru Escort live or done manually I only see 7. Does anyone have an answer
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    STI Magnum updated with BSRDR

    Hello I just sent in two STI magnums to have the BSRDR FW installed on 9/25/2015. I also Have STI Drivers and am wondering when they Beltronics decide t have the updates available thru Escort live like they did with the Escort Redline would the STI Drivers have BSRDR also
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    Uniden updates

    I agree with fellow LRD 950 owners the data should be updated Quarterly and Their data and firmware downloaders should be updated by them like escort and beltrronics
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    Uniden updates

    Does anyone have any idea when uniden will update the data and Firmware on the LRD 950