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    Other Running a RLC with the noPhoto

    Thanks Vortex for taking one for the team and to noLimits for covering you, good stuff to see.
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    NSW fines over chrismas 9000

    They're fishing in this barrel with hand grenades.
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    NSW Christmas and new year ....

    Lots of mobile Ka here recently, the missus got let off with a warning for 15 over in a 100 zone. I put the RL back in her car after that close call. Happy new year to all.
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    Crossing the boarder with my V1

    Been across only a few times and I've never had any trouble with the LI's. Although I pull the RD down while crossing.
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    Problem carrying Passport Max with m e to Moscow?

    I have no clue but I'd be doing some research on the local laws before considering anything. Back in the 80's when the iron curtain was up I couldn't even take my walkman across. Better to be safe than wind up on locked up abroad.
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    Wow - just wanted to say thankyou to everyone

    Great stuff, good on ya Naz :waycool:
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    Any issues with taking detector through airport?

    I've never had any problems, not even with coming back through customs here.
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    Vic - Official warnings now available for 10-14 over.

    Unfortunately once you've paid you've admitted guilt and it's all over, then the points get applied. However in the case where I applied for an internal review, I hadn't heard back before the ticket was due and I didn't want to automatically elect going to court by not paying it, so I paid...
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    Vic - Official warnings now available for 10-14 over.

    I just found this out today, it looks like a recent change and now the unlucky winners of Victorian camera speed tickets can request an internal review to have an official warning issued in place for the larger fines. Here's the added piece...
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    Red Light Camera Contermeasures

    C50 is the way to go so you know which intersections to allow plenty of braking space for. FL has been known to have had short yellows on these in the past too.
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    overseas purchase for ALP

    search for a freight forwarder there's a few about like myus and ship it to. Their rates vary so look around and find some reviews on them. I've never used one but it may be an option for you. As far customs goes I figure if it's not on their prohibited imports list it's good to go.
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    Anyone using waze in Aus yet

    Waze has a pretty good following around Melbourne, although I've found it more handy for traffic alerts than speed traps. Congrats on the promotion Shanetrain and thanks Naz for puttin in the hard yards.
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    boost - prepaid mobile

    Boost is great for a set and forget Telstra 3G prepaid phone plan with unlimited txt and calls @ $40 with 3gig of data, I went with them for a short while after Kogan fell on it's face and Aldi is fine if it suits your usage but watch the AUP as they'll kick you if you use too much data in one...
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    Introduction, new to site.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi from Australia

    Welcome aboard.