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    Any new update coming soon ?

    Why do you run with TSF off?
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    Redline 360c updated from the factory?

    It's still possible with mini-usb cable and DT Pro on computer. Just did it that way myself a few days ago.
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    Driving in Hawaii (Big Island, Oahu)

    Looks like the Mauna Kea Visitor Center is closed right now due to Covid. Welcome to MKVIS - Maunakea Visitor Information Station (
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    Driving in Hawaii (Big Island, Oahu)

    When the wife and I went to the big island for our 25th, we rented a Mustang convertible, and I really enjoyed it. By the way, if you want to go see the observatories on Muana Kea, you'd better book a tour now. They fill up fast. And you aren't supposed to drive up the dirt road to the summit...
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    Escort Redline 360c Firmware v1.8 Release

    I upgraded mine today. One small issue. I had to unpair and re-pair my phone's bluetooth to the detector to get it to connect to EL.
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    New Upgrade Now Up

    Well, I updated mine. I didn't watch it, but I think it updated without any problems. Did do some quick bench K-band testing (posted in Intermediate+ Testing). New fw doesn't seem to help the K alert delay against the Python II FS. @WildOne - have you had a chance to test the new fw with your...
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    used dfr6 seems to be deader than a door knob. some help needed

    Sounds like there is definitely something wrong with it.
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    R7 auto memory for KA alert?

    If you have voice alerts on, it should go to the lower volume right after the voice announcement of the alert.
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    Yeah, I'm not in Florida. But we have plenty of members who are. Maybe some of them can help. @Bocephus @thebravo @Patton250 @jestric
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    Try here to start with:
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    R7 auto memory for KA alert?

    If you are talking about Auto Mute vs. Auto Mute Memory, yes, Auto Mute works with Ka. Like you said, you may want to check your Auto Mute volume setting and make sure it is lower than your standard volume setting.
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    Perpendicular Ka

    That sounds like exactly what happened.
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    Beltronics Sti Magnum's Demand High prices!

    I'm surprised. What's next? Redline-Os?
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    Why no bluetooth with the R7?

    @Boozehound - if you think an Escort suction cup mount is superior, suggest you use the single suction cup Uniden mount. It should have come with your R7. And it won't explode someday like the Escort sticky cup EDIT: I guess I should read the whole thread before posting (i.e...
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    RL360C 1.8 Big 3 Shootout Part 2 K Band, 33.8, 34.7

    Fair points. I have also seen some evidence that the RL360c may have better response time against weak, off-axis K-band signals. So you may be onto something there.