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    V1G2 failure after warranty expired

    Valentine fixed my V1-G1 'many' years out of warranty detector years back. I only had to pay for shipping. Hope they treat you well. I've never had a problem with them. Spin
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    Leaky RD Hell

    Hello Deacon, True but I was thinking of cost. Stalkers normally much more money then you can find MPH Ka units lately. Size compared to say a K band horn - Ka is so much smaller and a bit more easy to hide. Yep - I have a Stalker ATR (think 4 total) - last one i acquired came from the CN...
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    Leaky RD Hell

    Like others have said - pick up a cheap MPH Python II in K or Ka. There are 8 Ka unit on ebay for $200. Nice small antennas - so you can set it up for front / rear shots...
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    Any updates on supply chain

    Love Jon's sense of humor. I upgraded to a V1-G2 from a V1-G1. But will buy a Theia when it comes out. Either it will be my backup or give it to my son that drives 25 miles to work each day. Take care Spin
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    V1 RF Board Pics

    To the moon Alice - remember watching that TV show in my youth. On a black and white tube console TV set no less. No one is 100% accurate. I was but was wrong once. :cool:
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    Any updates on supply chain

    Belvidere 'Chrysler' plant has been 'shut down' most of May. Then extended to mid June. Now though July 4th due to chip / parts shortage. So it seems to be a on going thing. It's anyone guess when it will...
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    Illinois Construction Zone Photo Radar

    Ka band - was even using the old V1-G1 back then. The Rockford bypass warning was at a good range. I don't remember the other ones as much. Traffic was a bit more heavy on the other interstates. Take care Spin
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    Valentine 1 Gen 2 Disappointment

    So it started 'after' you did a software upgrade? If so - which one? Did you do the latest flash upgrade? Take care Spin
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    Illinois Construction Zone Photo Radar

    I've seen them over the years. US 20 Rockford bypass years back - ISP Photo vehicle in construction zone. Southern IL I-57 construction zone - photo van again. Last one was south of Springfield I 55 construction zone. So they are around - they stand out with and are hard to miss. Plus my V1...
  10. spinner55 bad are they really?

    Understand about 'the better half'. But with better range comes signals with no LEO around. Since they now can give alerts so far away compared to even models 10 years ago or less at times even. I've gotten a alert then it goes silent. Then many miles down the road I run into the source. Or...
  11. spinner55 bad are they really?

    Back in the V1-G1 days. "False" signals didn't bother me much till every new car had false K band alerts coming from them. Love how quite the new V1-G2 is compared to those days. But there are trade offs on filtering etc. Longer K band alerts delays and possible missing of a K band signal. But...
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    Just got a Midland MXT275

    What browser where you using? I had no problems with it. Had my GMRS license for a few years. But I had to renew my ham license last year. Was easy...
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    Picked up a Raptor

    You'll love it - love the patch antenna's. Nice and small and easy to mount. I should put it back into the vehicle. Mine is the older version 1 series. I need to do a updated picture of all them on the dash again. Take care Spin
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    Upgraded to V1G2

    Never had a problem with a detector being seen. But I have the V1G2 high up tight to the top of the window. The LEO's are more interested with the MPH Python 3 or BEE III on the dash. (or one of the other I own - see picture to the left lol) More then once they asked me why I have one. Then I...
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    Quick picks of OG V1 and G2

    Still missing the old style volume control / mute level setup. Then when you been using a Gen1 since Version 3.619 (roughly 1998?) Guess I am getting older then dirt - hate change. :cool: