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    CB Antenna question: help needed !

    Hams had 'everything' under 200 meters for many years. The experts thought that anything under 200 meters was 'worthless'. Till hams and other proved it wasn't. Then they lost the band and given 160 / 80 / 40 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 / 2.5 meter bands. So that harmonics caused by poorly designed...
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    CB Antenna question: help needed !

    Not really - it cuts down the range. Due to the fact the cab blocks the signal. Plus the ground plane is behind it toward the back. With the rebar setup. You are getting the base above the truck. It see's the ground plane ahead of it. It's hard to please everyone - some like high antenna's...
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    Radenso Theia Update Dec 2020 - Discussion thread

    Hello Jon, Thank you for the update / info. Locking out Spectre is always nice. Take care Spin
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    uniden from 1990s

    What bands do these cover? I haven't kept up on those units. Since the new system covers 700/800 mhz now. Thanks Spin
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    CB Antenna question: help needed !

    Anytime you 'cut' / 'shorten' a CB antenna under the 108 inches (102 whip and 6 inch spring) you have to have a loading coil 'setup'. So the radio 'sees' a 108 inch or 1/4 wave antenna. IMHO any base loaded antenna with a 'large' coil under it is the best way to go. K40 / Wilson etc. with the...
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    4.1021 Now Available

    Did the update - had a run in with a Sheriff (moving) using Ka. Ramp up was great - went full scale about 1 mile or so before he got to me. Plus as he was coming around a bend got the first Ka signal at 1 bar. Been impressed by the range on Ka over my old Gen1. Still playing with the settings...
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    I never spent mine - cashed it and it sitting here in case SHTF moments. (maybe for a new detector even)
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    Hello Jon, Prayers for all employee's and you. Yes funny how it 'picks' someone. When every you finish the detector - I'll be ready to buy one. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - be safe - take care. Spin
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    Why Theia at a price point of $1000+ is not cost effective.

    Sure it is cost effective - for me. I'll get enjoyment out of it. Way less likely to get a ticket. Way less vehicle false alerts. Less complaining from the 'boss' over in the passenger seat. If its not you 'cup of tea' don't buy it. Take care Spin
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    Theia RF Architecture

    WAY above my skill level. I worked in a 2 way shop repairing 'simple' 2 way radios. Worked there part time after my normal 24 hour shift fighting fires and running ambulance calls. Give me a complex hose lay for a fire. I could tell you the friction losses and could pump you the right GPM down...
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    Done - thank you for a great app. Spin
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    Ground Radar on Ag Equipment

    I once asked them about farm equipment radar. Since I live in a farming community. They already had it on their list of false signals to have in Theia. I am sure they have a list of everything made in false radar signals to filter out. If not - it will be a 'easy' software update to be removed...
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    Could the Beartracker function be implemented into Theia?

    I know the LEO's Lo/Jack receivers are always on. If you see four 1/4 VHF antennas in a square on a squad's roof. That is the directional array. Lo/Jack transmits on 173.0750 MHz in the US. Once a vehicle is reported stolen / missing - lo jack sends out a signal that turns on the lo/Jack...
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    X band V1G2

    Yes - it was MR7 - I had problems finding a 'Silver Moon' picture. (as we call it) Since it was chromed and huge as a moon. Hanging on the rear window - yes i am that old and and 'battled' those when first licensed. Only good thing was they where all (S and X) CO only back then. IO didn't come...
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    X band V1G2

    That was my first radar detector - back in the S and X band only days. Good thing was - it was all CO. No IO back in those days. 1603724349 They where - always hung outside on a window (rear). This could be a x band but you get the idea.