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    Speed Camera School Zone enforcement

    I didn't realize the bill passed but be on the lookout for speed cameras in school zones. Source:
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    Thinking about signing up for HPDE class, maybe track afterward

    I have done a couple of track days. Definitely worth doing. If you have a car with a high cost to replace, definitely recommend getting a track day insurance policy. The organizing group that runs your track day should recommend several partners that will sell you a single or two day policy...
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    What LIDAR to pick for testing

    Basically the hierarchy is like this: Dragoneye > Truespeed S > Literally any other LIDAR gun So obviously if you can afford a Dragon, get it, if not but you can afford a TSS, then get that, if not get the cheapest lidar gun that is in good working condition. If you have a bit more money, you...
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    LID Speed Limit Required for TX sensor?

    Yep, much harder to do lab testing on the behavior of the system if your lab has to be doing 20+ mph. :)
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    LID Speed Limit Required for TX sensor?

    So to follow up for anyone searching the thread. Regardless of if you set auto LID below twenty or to OFF entirely, the system will not arm until 20mph and the LED will indicate appropriately.
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    LID Speed Limit Required for TX sensor?

    Hey all, I've been searching around and haven't found the answer to this question. I know the TX sensor requires a GPS module (which I have installed) and that the TX head only fires above a certain speed. However I have not determined if an appropriate LID speed limit must be set in config...
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    Anyone Hear From GA Speed?

    That's a relief to hear @te37 Just busy I guess. Did you tell him that his disciples are in dire need?
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    1000 mile trip, no laser

    I have a red light camera near me that uses a 200PPS LIDAR device. I get "PRO LASER 3 AHEAD" each time I go through on my way to work. Good test of my system. :)
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    New user here

    Welcome Omar, you'll find everything you're looking for and more here.
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    Anyone Hear From GA Speed?

    Bumping this to the top. I'm on a fresh install and could really use a test against the hot stuff @GA Speed you're our only hope!
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    Recommendations for '18 Golf R

    Fantastic thanks Ed. I'm going to do 2xRX 1xTX at both ends. To your point, why not?
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    Recommendations for '18 Golf R

    Just picked up an 18 Golf R and need to install jammers in it ASAP, this thing hides speed a little too well on the highway. Just wanted to check in and see what the current recommendations are for an ALP install on a vehicle of this size. I'm assuming 2x RX heads with a center TX head in the...
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    Need some help deciding for my M5...

    Inside of Atlanta city limits you could almost not use a RD and just go Jammers. But you NEED jammers if you're going to speed in this city.
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    Video clips of running RD's behind tint or heated windshields

    Hey vortex, not sure if this is helpful, but you can see the tint strip visible in the clip, but not the RD. Both my V1 and Magnum are behind the 5% tint.
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    Parking sensors jokes

    I've been asked. I generally tell them that they are police laser jammers. I usually get one of two reactions: "Cool!" OR "Oh really? How much do they cost?" to which I typically reply, "This system was about $2,800 installed." They usually remark something to the effect of, "I'd rather just...