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    Gatso RT3 / RT4 ?

    What option is best against the Millia (RT2)?
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    Did it improve detection?
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    Have some people tried to install a Genevo firmware on a Neoline?
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    Uniden R7 Latest Actual Photo

    Very V1-esque case! Wouldn't the left list be clearer if it was a bogey counter?
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    IR Video of TMG Head Transmit Beam Pattern

    Lovely video That would be extremely cool to see the beam pattern on the ground as well (i.e. garage door open)
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    TMG radar detector

    Found on TMG website, a picture of the system setup: I fear the wireless connection between the dashcam (the screen) and the antenna will only work reliably if both are inside the cabin:
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    Random antenna device found in New car.

    The suspens is killing me
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    What's the difference between Radenso and Genevo?

    +1 I think there's a dutch forum but not much is posted there
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    Genevo One M and Gatso RT4 detection improved in vertical position.

    Very interested in your opinion. Also: Mesta 210c?
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    Well that's unfortunate for you but pretty interesting for the rest of us. Please share your results once you've done some testing :-) @rmarella> What concealment did you choose?
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    This is some pretty good news indeed, I didn't think the R1 would be so good against the low power 210c. Can't wait to have your feedback on the sneaky Gatso Millia!
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    What about the Mesta 210c @rmarella? Which detector works for you?
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    Well, that's not much when you know the radar is moving towards you. Let's say it's traveling at 80 km/h and you're driving at 150 km/h in the opposite direction, you have 2.35 seconds to hear the alert, start braking and reach 80/90 km/h.
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    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    The inboard radars used by the French police are Gatso Millia. Is it a challenge for regular detectors (not sure whether it's low power or not)?