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    New to v1 , found a long lost v1 !!!

    Wow that is one of the first V-1's with the laser detection being that little eye on the bottom right!
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    Issue with ALP'S. Hoping for some help...

    I run unlimited all the time--I want to be in control
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    Laser falsing GEN 1 2020 Cadillac CT6 blendmount mirror tap

    I would just turn Laser off then---its really of no help anyway
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    Mirror Mount Radar Detector Bracket for Uniden R7

    Didnt see a place to ask----anyway will the R7 fit on a R3 windshield perm mount?
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    What mode should I use when on the highway?

    Your G2 should and will smoke your G1--multiple test have proven this! KA is full strength regardless if its in A/L/l I would send it in for a checkup!
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    V1 V2 died then came back to life.

    You using hardwire or Cig lighter plug---betting its a power connection issue!
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    INFO Laser Testing Resources

    You can add me as well! Anchorage, AK PL3
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    2017 Dodge Charger Scatpack locations

    Red and yellow on the front! RED be TX rear is just that, plain and simple, I think one reg and one TX would be ok
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    Theia Price Speculation:

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    Need advice for R7

    I use the invisi-cord for all my hardwire installs~ Made to whatever length and they work!! INVISICORD
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    New R7 Firmware: 132.140.113 June 18, 2020

    Ohhh for sure Im getting theia when it comes out! Just want an R7 for now to play with! In the end I will have the R7 and theia---I will be selling my R3 at that time
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    New R7 Firmware: 132.140.113 June 18, 2020

    Im in the market for a Used R7, to run in my other car! Im ready for some arrows
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    ALP Heads Placement on Saab

    Top spots---not the lower
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    Uniden R3 is Useless for LIDAR

    one word! TROLL
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    Has RD Range Maxed Out?

    Stuck till Theia comes out, then game over for everyone!