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  • Thanks for your recommendation on the TMG Install for my 2015 Lexus RX 350. After posting it, I realized that I had posted it in the wrong subforum (Installs vs Install Help). While the post has been deleted, one of the admins recovered the photo for me. Thanks again!
    I love mine too. but am listing this one in favor of my newish prolaser 3 w/batterys new, and a new electric 12vdc cord. same with my lz1 stalker. the ultralyte I love a lot but favor the chance to buy a newer stalker gun or a laser Atlanta-torch, gotta be new gun maybe ally if I ca buy theres? I just needed to sacrifice one and this model lrb is not used in either pasco, or indian river counties and in between the drive. but I have been hit with stalker 2 different models and the prolaser 3/4 is most used other than a laser Atlanta almost every hit from fhp is the laser Atlanta. don't know which model but anyways, thus leaving me with my 2 guns more used than the lrb, and chances are, it wont sell as im only dropping down another 50 bucks / free shipping then just keep it if it doesn't sell. good for testing anyways. any ideas on where to buy a new laser ally-some new gun with counter measures or a variable pulse rate gun . new, digital
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