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  • Hi Salty,
    Do you have a link for machined lowers for $100? I have not been able to find any in stock anywhere. Even the $375 ones are out of stock. I've seen forged lowers for under $100 online but even those I can't find anywhere in stock. I'm setting up a web site where I want to sell a few different types of lowers but other than the ones I have that I get direct from the shop manufacturing them I can't find any others.
    Hey Salty, I understand you're a moderator, I work at a pawn shop and have a pipeline access to some decent radar detectors. However buy and selling stuff on here is an Advanced User Format only. Is there any way I can post in there? Occasionally I get some pretty good stuff. I'm not representing the company per se, but I do like to help people get protected. Message me back, thanks.
    Hey Salty, I haven't had a chance to get any video yet. I can't remember the signal that I encountered. All I know is that it wasn't one of the segments that I originally choose to travel with. I am shopping for video recorders and will probably purchase one very soon.
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