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  • Nice new avatar of Gen. Lee. He is revered here in the South. Am I the only one to notice? My g-g-g grandfather was in Co F, 12 SC Infantry. Also had a few in the 4th Florida Infantry.
    Sarge the tawain laser jammer can be sold as a parking assist. The software can be downloaded from a third party site for the jamming to avoid patent infringement as its considered a ALTERATION by the owner not the manufacturer.
    How about $170 shipped for the DFR7? Does it come with the case, power cord, suction cup, etc?
    Appreciate it. They clearly state is has BSRDR and comes with full 6 month factory I feel confident it is the latest and greatest. Thanks again.
    So far so good. It shipped very quickly and came in basically perfect condition. The only thing with a refurbished unit is I did not receive the nice carrying case or manual... not that you need them but it would have been nice. As for performance it's living up to the Redline name. It came with the BSRDR software update; I would make sure if you get a refurbished one it comes with the expert software update. If it doesn't that may be good indication it's not coming from Escort, or has been sitting on the shelf from wherever it's coming from for quite some time.
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