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    I’m new to Witchia KS

    I’m New to Witchia KS what Lidar guns / radar equipment is used. I have HP 905 front only and a Uniden R3. Any areas I should be specially careful when driving also what areas have few cops? I see motorcycle cops on Kellogg all the time on my way to and from work.
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    Witchia KS are

    I’m new to Witchia what radar and Liszt guns are used around here. Any dragon eye in Kansas or OK. I have HP 905 dual front only &Uniden R3. I see motorcycle cops a lot on Kellogg on my way to work.
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    HP 905 CPU Proplem

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    HP 905 CPU Proplem

    Hello When I turned on my car today MY HP 905 CPU was turning on. I used a volt meter and found 13 volts going to the wires that connect to the CPU. I tried checked the connectors to the CPU several times. I plunged the CPU to my compute and it was able to connect to my laptop. Any advice.
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    Deer Whistles

    Are deer whistles snake oil? What about the electronics ones?
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    I was thinking about installing this on my car with all WHITE NO flashing lights on my car. I do a lot of driving at night on country roads (I took a job working night shift) I do not want to mount a large LED light bar on the outside of my car but want some more light...
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    I was driving over the Commodore Barry Bridge bridge into Philly the other day and I saw the bride police running radar on the PA side of the bridge. I know under PA law only the PA State Police can run radar Title 75 § 3368 C 2. Is the bridge police running radar legal or do they need to...
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    N.J. Study Reveals Need For Higher Speed Limits

    I drove 55 mph on northern part of the NJTP to explain to my mother that driving the speed limit is dangerous turns out NO one drives at that speed
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    ALP bracket on Blinder HP 905

    Does anyone know if the ALP bracket will work with Blinder heads? I want to reinstall my blinder heads and don't know how far they need to stick out. Ive tested them at ~30 feet with my old stalker lidar gun and it jams the entire grill no problem. One of the brackets I made out of scrap medal...
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    Mitsubishi Lancer 14 Fuse and Bluetooth not working.

    I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer. I have the OEM touch screen radio with out Nav. Recently the Bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel and the USB port stopped working. I can not get power off the USB port. In the menu, I can not connect another phone or disconnect my phone. Is there any...
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    LED tail lights and rain = laser false

    i just turn laser off and let my LJ take care of that for me to minimize false allerts
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    articles for paper

    I am writing a paper for college on why speed limits on limited access highways should be raised. In particular I would like to have some information on razing the speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike.This is for a Urban Planning class I am taking so the resources need to be good. I have found...
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    R1 Laser False Ram 1500 or 2500

    I just turn off laser because my jammers take care if that for me and I get few classes on the HP 905 Posted from my Nexus 5X using the RDF Mobile App!
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    Uniden Smart Direct Wire Cord Availability

    Here is a photo
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    Laser, Ka, X then K band prioprity

    It is possible to have Laser, Ka, X then K band prioprity in that order on my Max 1. I get a lot of false K band but lots of X band. I live in South Jersey.