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    Cx-5 Radenso Pro-M

    Hey I own a Pro M, it's likely falsing from your CX5 BSM. K7 is a pretty high filter to run so you are probably not falsing under 80 km/h but then when you go over 80 as set by your auto city setting, you will be running max K band sensitivity because it will automatically shift to highway mode...
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    Thinking about V1G2 upgrade from R3

    For whats it's worth, the R7 with the latest VPR laser firmware update has never given me a laser false and has alerted every single time I was hit by laser. Additionally when run on city mode the bsm filtering is quite good while still offering excellent K band range. Something to think about.
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    Any news on R7 Auto lockouts?

    Me waiting for R7 auto lockouts now that Escort released firmware version 1.6 for the Redline 360c.
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for CannibalOx

    if you don't care about insane range and are content with great range and filtering, and a set it and forget it experience, the escort max 360 and the Cobra Dual Pro 360 are both great choices. This is coming from a guy who runs an R7.
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    How did Whistler Radar loose its way?

    FDSR is the reason why the Whistlers now mix up K band with KA Band. All my Whistlers prior to the addition of FDSR including my CR85 with TFSR but no FDSR do not band confuse and actually have pretty good bsm filtering. After FDSR was added it fell apart.
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    Max 360 vs 360c

    Maybe K notch is just permanently on in the dp360?
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    Max 360 vs 360c

    I'm confused, why does the dp360 have better bsm when the M360 has K notch and the dp360 does not?
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    Uniden R1 vs Laser

    Wow interesting, still not great sensitivity though.
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    Uniden R1 vs Laser

    So the R3 laser sensitivity seems to suck but the R7 on version 1.33 with the new VPR laser gun sensitivity update seems to be way better at laser. My R7 mounted low on my windshield has picked up every laser gun shot so far.
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    R7 fan

    R7 in city mode is as quiet as my escort max II. The K band of the R7 in city mode exceeds the K band range of the Max series and redline 360c in auto mode and nearly matches the sensitivity of the escort max series when the max is set to highway mode. The R7 is a great detector.
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    Uniden R1 vs Laser

    I agree, but Whistler is a close second and has better false alert filtering to laser, also detects truspeed S, and costs less.
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    Uniden R1 vs Laser

    It sounds like he has poliscan speed cameras in France that use laser. In this case, a radar detector with superior laser detection abilities would actually be helpful in preventing tickets. If you are looking for the best laser detection for the price purchase a whistler radar detector. Their...
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    Previously locked out signals now showing up on my R7

    Wow 1106 lockouts? Didn't know there were that many areas of falsing in Idaho! When I lived there it was pretty rural. You must drive alot to OR and WA.
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    Pennsylvania 2021 RADAR for local PD use bill

    Living in PA currently. I am against radar or laser enforcement, but that being said I wish all state that enforced followed the rules written above. Speed enforcement has clearly turned into a cash cow in some states.
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    Max 360 vs 360c

    Wow I had no idea the m360 now has the improved mount. Time to buy an m360!