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    Firmware Version for IXC

    Good old Escort. 🙄
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    Pro M vs XP vs SP BSM filtering

    I have both XP and Pro M. The Pro M has better BSM filtering than the XP but not by much. The XP will false more to some automatic door openers and the XP will false more to certain year GMs such as certain year Cadillac SRX and CTS, and some Esclades and Chevy traverses but honestly, I'm not...
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    Radenso Pro M Bright level

    The laser false alerts are caused by some unknown lidar emitters on the road. It might be lidar weather or wind shear devices. Either way my Pro M falses non stop to lidar when I am in certain states but not in others. When I'm in New England it doesn't lidar false at all but when I'm in NY NJ...
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    R7 is still too noisy on K band

    I agree the R7 is noisy in the city when not in City Mode. If you put it in City mode it is much more quiet around town. My Pro M is best at filtering out automatic door openers.
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    RL360c v1.8 Significant K-Band delay increase - Bushnell

    I'm jealous of the stealth and mag mount. I'm too scared to run my R7 on my trips to Virginia.
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    RL360c v1.8 Significant K-Band delay increase - Bushnell

    Time for y'all to sell these rl360s and buy some R7s with version 1.35. Great reactivity, great bsm, great price
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    Hey DC, seems like you have extensively tested all the Escort/Cedar dual horn products (RL360C,M360/C, Cobra DP360). Among all these which one would you recommend the most? I'm getting an itch to buy more RDs lol.
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    Hello from Idaho!

    Welcome aboard Mike, great to see another Idahoan on here. I used to live in Pocatello for 4 years before I moved back East. Really loved it out there. There are tons of really good detectors in your price range that will blow the Whistler 3500 you were running right out of the water! I would...
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    Escort Redline 360C Advertising Claim is very misleading...

    My Max 2 keeps looking at the DNA of the Mazda CX5 and keeps alerting to it.
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    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    Welcome fellow ER doc. I am one too! In regards to your R7, it will delete auto lockout locations if it doesn't see the frequency it locked out anymore over a period of multiple days with multiple passes. This happened to me when a car dealership auto door opener near my house was turned off for...
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    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    You gotta buy a burner 40 dollar cobra or whistler to hand over to the RCMP when you get pulled over for an RD. It is a worthy sacrifice. I purchased the Pro M because I think it's the best stealth detector one can buy currently that isn't a remote mount. I make alot of runs to Virignia and...
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    New to Idaho and Rdforum

    Welcome! I lived in Pocatello Idaho until last year. I loved living in Idaho. Really nice mountains, 80 mph speed limits, and great geography for long range detection. Good to see Idahoans on here!
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for Stonewall07

    I lived in Pocatello. Idaho is mostly radar, usually 33.8 ka band and some 34.7. I have also run into 35.5 run by local sheriffs. I was pulled over once in Custer County by I/O k band as well. I have been hit by laser exactly once in Idaho in 4 years living there, however this was in Eastern...
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    Radenso XP Firmware Files:

    Thanks for letting me know. I updated thanks to this post.