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    Chicago Tribune - Buying Guide for Best Radar Detectors 2020

    @Jestic - so true. Caviat Emptor for sure. Even highly regarded brands have been known to license/sell their name from time to time. You buy a Kit*chenAid drop in BBQ and you are really purchasing a Nexgr*ll product and support. It pays to do your research.
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    Theia RF Architecture

    Ha ha. There are some Tim Hortons in the US. When I visit family in Michigan I always go to Timmies. Much better than the other fast food choices for breakfast IMO. Not sure I would need Theia to alert to them though since they seem to be on every other corner where my mother in law lives :)
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    So sorry for your loss Mithheru. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
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    First Laser alert R7 1.33

    Exactly. I didn't get a good look at what he was using since my attention was on the road and my speed (school zone 15 mph). Kids can be surprisingly quick to jump into traffic. I was hoping to id the laser gun on my way back from the store but he had already "closed up shop". The local PD...
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    First Laser alert R7 1.33

    I have had my R7 for almost a year and I have never had a laser alert. I don't encounter laser too often as far I as know. Today was a first and it was so exciting. School was getting out and a motorcycle cop was off his bike partially obscured by a tree and the long line of cars waiting to...
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    Finally ran into someone with Jammers!

    Adding to the holistic approach @jestric mentioned. You the driver are also a very important piece. Stay alert and informed about the technology including it's limitations (not a problem here on RDF) and the area you travel in.
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    So tired of Left Lane Hogs (LLH)

    I have noticed the same thing @InsipidMonkey. Drivers are getting worse since the pandemic hit. But I have noticed the same thing with my driving too. I used to be able to anticipate what other drivers will be doing much better when I driving 80 miles a day. Now I drive much less and...
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    So tired of Left Lane Hogs (LLH)

    Yeah, I think many LLH's are oblivious to what's going on around them - no situational awareness. I'll take an assertive driver anyday that knows exactly where everyone is, has already planned 2 steps ahead and knows that when they "merged" in front of me that they had 3 feet to spare. I miss...
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    My list of favorite tech sites, add yours

    Demos on Demand for a high level introduction to business apps Krebs on Security for data breaches Wilders Security for a look at the paranoid side of PC/network security +1 for pcpartpicker
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    What is the first thing you want to do with your new Theia!??

    Find some Star Trek alerts to load. There have to be some cool ones to use. I would love to get a laser jammer (I know integration is a ways off) and have Theia announce "Shields Up!"
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    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    @Fixxxer0 Try this> click menu and cycle through the options until you get to Auto Dim Setting and hit menu. Hit + again. From there you can set dark.
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    My FIRST TRIP WITH V1G2 ...... WOW !!! KBand too !!

    That is a certainly a V1 Moment! I really enjoyed the post and felt like I was there. Mike V should sent you some swag for that. It makes me want to upgrade my V1G1.
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    I-17 Between Phoenix and Flagstaff

    Thank you for the info R J. I'll have to be extra careful next time I drive that route. Disco47 - Couldn't agree with you more. I got pulled over a while back on I10 by Luke AFB. I actually hit a little hump in the road and was going fast enough to became airborne for a second. I startled the...
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    Photo Enforcement - Redflex Vs V1gen1

    Very interesting! I found some specs online for the AGD 340. The operational frequency is 24.100GHz +/- 25MHz. I am not sure if I am reading this right. But if so it could put it outside of the lower scanning freq (24.075MHz) for some detectors when certain K band filters/modes are enabled...
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    New R7 loaded with v1.33

    Yeah I remember reading that it's not required but recommended. For the previous fw upgrade I didn't do a reset and it worked fine. This fw took longer than the others to update so I did do a reset. It gave me a chance to review my settings :) 1602799402 Mine too. You can download the db file...