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  • Looking at your Mazda ALP thread and was wondering if there’s a reason you have the rear sensor offset to the right, instead of in the middle? I have the same config 2F/1R on my Genesis. All I’ve tested with is a 20\20 and PL4 and both sides performed great.
    Yes, i have the rear head to the right for better focused protection from on ramps and LEO's shooting down the ramp.
    Hi there, I would like to see if you could move the content of my intro post to the V1 thread please. It is kind of long and not really an intro anymore. I will post a new intro. Thank you.
    Outstanding wording you posted on my "weekly court news" thread. I can not post a question to one reply asking "Where you think that our courts got their teachings/moral foundation/markings-wordings on the buildings from?" I might get in trouble, I was warned....
    cjr238 I'm going to buy that cable setup you have for your redline but I cant remember the name of it. rj11 cable and just a receptor box?
    AutoRadarInstallers just sent me a friend request and I accepted. When he joined, I sent Kasher1979 a message of a suspicious name. I'm told he is a K-40 man and it would not be well for him if he started trying to push his product on the forum. I will try and keep an eye on him and let ya'll know if crosses the line.

    any time @Chas0039 its such a great tool and can be a lot of fun customizing it.
    Thanks for suggesting that I would want to use the phone more with the V1 than just for custom sweeps. You were right; it's a blast and your advice is much appreciated.
    Setta - I believe you can just use a credit or debit card to donate. I don't have a PayPal ether and have donated with out it in the passed.
    What's up with Andresg? Just curious why he's being moved out of admin. Is it something you can discuss?
    I would like to send a donation to the forum. I don't have a PayPal account.

    Can I send a money order or certified check in the mail? Or is it possible to donate through iTunes or Google Play Store?

    I believe in supporting this worthwhile endeavor but I also value my personal identification. If you have other alternative methods I would also consider those.

    Thank you,

    Hey CJ,
    Now that's great news!! I can get there in 20 minutes. Would they have a web site I can check out??

    Thanks so much CJ, I really appreciate that!!!!
    In a situation like that you would just put the question up in the general section, but if you took the time to make 2 different threads with different sets of questions and titled threads you could post in the separate sections then compare opinions.
    RDF doesn't want users posting duplicate threads in different sections ( rule 10). No problem, I noticed that there is a thread in Radenso asking whether a user should buy Uniden or Radenso? Clearly that could be put in either or both sections if they wanted to ask a broader audience.

    Not trying to stir anything up but just asking for clarification of rule 10 is. I posted two queries today (my first attempt). One in general discussion and one in Radenso basically asking the same question trying for the most feedback since Escort or other brand users might not be looking in the Radenso section. Should I have titled them differently or not used Radenso in the title?...or should i just shut up and enjoy the RD Forum.
    Hi CJR238, i am a new user in rdforum. And i just saw your post install a laser jammer on your mazda 3s. i am planning to get a laser jammer too. since i speed on freeway sometimes.:p https://www.rdforum.org/showthread.php?t=37598

    In this post some of ur pic is missing, and i want to take a look of those pic. can you pm me or repost some of the installation on how to get your laser jammer on your mazda 3. Thank You So Much.
    I saw in an earlier thread you had access to the factory wiring diagrams for the Python 4210P two-way remote start. I am installing one of these. I've got my vehicle specific giagram, I just need Python's wiring diagram. I would be very great fil if you could email me that PDF at [email protected] Thank you for your time.
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