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  • Looking for a working Stalker ATR for Ka testing only. I bought one a ways back and it died in short order :-( (control pad was really F'd up) I just need something cheap (and working!) that will assure me that my dual NetRadar is picking up any Ka. Here in California, CO has become rare, and I can go days without any I/O it would be reassuring to now that my system is online.
    How much are you asking for the Alp heads and how old are they.. connection style
    Hey Chakeubeam, im wondering if you can help me....i see on the NZ/AUZ forum that you might be able to help with shipping an R3? im looking to purchase one and need a US address, then get it shipped to NZ. happy to pay for your time...cheers
    I thought so too, I was wondering if you wanted to make an offer and see what you could get. The MRX is pretty rare, even if it's range isn't all that great.
    I see you have the Escort Passport for sale, I am curious the difference between the Passport and the X70?

    I do see that the Passport has been discontinued on Escorts website.
    Hello there! Next time you get a 9500ci or STi-R+ - New OR Used let me know please. I'll definitely take it off your hands!
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