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  • Hi, I live in Melbourne area. I was looking to add rd system. I was thinking of uniden r3 with alp, or escort redline with zw5, vs just radar. Any thoughts on what works locally? I mostly just drive around the citys and use other cars for higway. I dont ever see laser here. Is it around?
    Where did you buy your lasers from? I have a PL2, but I'm interested in expanding my collection. Thank you.
    Will do. When I get back in town next Wednesday I'll shoot you a txt. Hope everything is going well for you. Dan
    What up..happy new year. Switching to alp. Can you tell me installer or something about process. I've been offline awhile now had to get more surgery december. Just wrote alp about getting a dual or a quad. By ran in to dala on 95 fhp . I travel there daily to see friends. I just sold lz1 yesterday and selling prolaser. Buying a quad or 3 1 in rear 2 up front. I never get hit in rear but one is better than none center mass since they go for plate anyway and will give me 2 to secs to slow down before switching to either taillight. Also buying dragon gun to test with. Are u pissed at me? One day you said stop texting you 7 times in row and I stopped altogether and haven't heard from you since lol. Anyways like it if you can help with alp setup and installing. 772 584 7420. Hope u call me and I promise I won't ever text you but once just to reply if you call. Ttyl Dan
    hey dude glad u got manual.
    I just ordered with shipping and tax the b/t module it plugs right into my cpu where there serial port is, I think just pair up with the app and done cliff said its real easy and straightforward. so do you have any tips when I get b/t not sure how to set it up. plz help. I have app but does nothing cause I don't have it paired yet with b/t module.
    theres a link he said but haven't found it. let me know. ty
    just the stalker lz-1 shipping tomorrow. so that's 3 guns. this ones always been tough to jam back in west palm late 2005 range. this gunnow totals 3 guns I have and will arrive by aug 1 at latest. w/ new battery, cert.
    prolaser3 new battery should be here tomorrow.
    the lrb is good for testing but the prolaser 3 is awesome for long range and so is the stalker. cant wait to test out with ya all 3
    either tom pm or sun am.
    trying to find a good location around me also. I know a good quiet course but is 40 minutes from me(where cliff tests ) anyways, get back. I just ordered new battery. this one is ok, but just ordered another. and asked about charging as it charges but not sure how to use the center button and left button which is discharging battery.... oing to wait till someone comments to me what to do, etc and proper way when new battery comes in. any one have suggestion for those owning one. do I need this function or can I just chare up.?
    I had late night so have to be pm tom or sun am and im gonna drive as I know good quiet spot 5 miles from me near dog park, preserves, etc/ and straiht road. this is night and day from ultralyte lrb, as instant readings and on dar color with headlight on, no problem wher lrb takes 4-7 secs. be well
    I am receiving the prolaser3 unit Friday, then able to test both the ultra light LRB, and prolaser3. This weekend. Tip appreciated.
    hello, I just bought an ultralyte lrb which can be quite tricky to jam believe it or not(I googled it) and waiting to purchase a prolaser 3 when I come back to port richey- 1 hour from ya or so. I have it less than 2 weeks and bought these to help members test. the prolaser 3 is more popular for police but doesn't give any jam codes if your jamming, you wont know unless you actually have a prolaser 3 to test with and this is why im strongly thinking of buying as my second gun. if you wanna test, and im available often, a tip is all I ask(these guns cost a lot and I need to get tips to help me compensate). The ultralyte lrb is excellent for testing as I googled it. 8.16a li firmware is solid so far but need more guns to test with more coverage of different guns. But so far both front and rear, no speed or distance reading or jam codes. And Im close to you. Dan
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