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    Is it stupid to run laser jammers on your daily?

    Rental car? I wouldn't know how to do that, plus all those wires??? You are a better man than me.
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    Any updates on supply chain

    That's because as a country we demand the cheapest (lowest cost) product. This supply chain debacle will not change until that mentality changes. This country is very vulnerable right now. This did not happen overnight.
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    Just heavy rain. Closest tornado was about 20 miles away.
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    You are right. I didn't notice. I assume you survive the storms the other day? 1616177296 Maybe he got caught doing 120 in a 35 mph zone by K-band and is still in jail? LOL.
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    Nothing would make me happier than to turn off K-band in Alabama. The BSMs drive me crazy. But to turn it off would be akin to playing Russian roulette. Chances are that you will be find untill...! There is still too much K-bank in and around the state.
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    First time trying to buy a radar detector

    Paralysis, by Analysis. Know it well. I can research the sh.. out of something. Problem is, I take forever to make a decision because of the ongoing research which never ends. Check out Vortex's website. Great information.
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    New R3 owner

    Welcome @Fatbastard! I think you will really enjoy the R3. I have been running a R3 for about 2 years, and it's super. Good luck with it. For the most part @Vortex's recommendations are usually spot on. You just occasionally have to fine tune the settings to reflect your geographical location...
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    Has R7 V1.35 Made You Significantly Less Likely to Purchase Theia?

    I was considering a lengthy response but simply...I want the best RD available, period.
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    Arizona Road Trip

    Wow, interesting. Sounds like Arizona takes traffic enforcement seriously. Lots of K-band. I hate to hear that. I usually run my R3 in city mode as we have mostly, but not exclusively, Ka here in Alabama. Sensors in the road for speed determination! I don't like that at all. Is it identified on...
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    Arizona Road Trip

    I will be flying into Phoenix for a two week stay in Arizona. I will rent a car, and plan to travel extensively in the north, south, and east of Arizona. I will carry a R3 with me, but I will feel naked without my ALP setup. Just wondering if our Arizona Forum members can share some insight as...
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    Texas Semiconductor Producers Forced to Curtail Production

    Yeah that was my concern. Any parts shortage resulting from shutdowns in Texas will ultimately just tighten an already tight parts availability market. And then the big guy on the block (customer) will be satisfied first.
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    Texas Semiconductor Producers Forced to Curtail Production

    As the catastrophic weather affects millions of Texans, and my heart goes out to those affected, we are seeing additional fallout in the form of Texas Semiconductor manufactures being forced to curtail production of chips. There was already a significant shortage of chips worldwide, this can...
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    Impulse buying detectors

    This is a tough one. But for a premium detector, best bang for the buck, I would have to go with the R7. My heart is with the V1-Gen 2, but they have some issues with I/O in the K-band (from what I have read). So yeah, I would pick the R7.