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  • Next time you have a meet to do some testing give me a shout. Drinks on me afterwards. Heard you have some radar guns etc.......
    Also.....Im in Shreveport Louisiana. Thanks.
    Hey Erick, I was talking to the Only Sarge recently about jammers. He said Blinders or LI setup would work in Texas because there are few to no Dragon Eyes in Texas. My travels keep me in the state with an occasional trip to Oklahoma or New Mexico. I've been tagged by DPS once and I assume it was a Stalker XLR liar. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Todd
    Hi Erick, I am in PHX area also. Any chance we could setup some time to do a painting session with your guns? I have a 2014 corvette ALP 3x2. thanks!
    I have the V1 hardwired on the far right side of my windshield then I routed a concealed display into my gauge pod. I have the Redline hardwired on the far left side of my windshield. They're a little more than 36" apart on the Mustang because the windshield is relatively wide and flat.

    Note: My old BMW had a windshield that was too curved to separate them more than 22" so I would cycle the V1 every 20 minutes in case the Redline was building up noise filtering because of the V1.

    I also turned X and K off on the Redline and segmented Ka band to Ka2, Ka5 and Ka8. ( So the Redline only does Ka detection, I let the V1 handle everything else and with YaV1 it stays pretty quiet. I run the Redline in spec mode so I can monitor frequencies.

    Hope that helps.
    So after my recent bust, I'm thinking about a Redline but still want my V1. I would use the Redline strictly for Ka and run the V1 Ka and K. I don't run X at all. I assume you run both at the same time? How do you have them mounted?

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