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    Radenso DS1 price confirmed in NZ

    Mithheru is more than a fanboy, he actually improves product for the market. And spends a lot of unpaid time doing so from what I can tell. People like him and JB deserve a lot respect no matter what brand they support.
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    Valentine 1G2 water

    VR said, when I asked about bike use, if it gets wet your wallet will be sad. I'd send it back for proper inspection and drying. Don't power it on, all the electricity might escape in a cloud of smoke.
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    Radenso DS1 price confirmed in NZ

    $NZ550 US retail, shipping for a dozen units = say $NZ20 each, GST = $NZ85.50 each. $655.50 total or thereabouts. And a dealer would get a wholesale rate more than likely. That's nothing but a rip off. Import your own.
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    Pulled the Trigger!

    Do you really need to eat for a while?
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    Overwhelming at times

    Having tried JBV1, it seems the OP is not afraid to try new things. It can be daunting, but the best way is to start with defaults. Running it with Gen 2 is just icing on the cake. How about telling your detector to mute? Or to verbally reporting a speed trap?
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    Releasing a new detector without arrows

    I've found that most people now, compared to 40 years ago, have little knowledge of car systems at all. But those that are petrolheads, and are addicted to the zoom factor, are different. These people have always been the detector buyers. The great unwashed have never been interested, most can...
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    Releasing a new detector without arrows

    I have to disagree. It was the situational awareness (arrows) that was the USP of V1 that made me buy one 25 years ago. I was just a reasonably informed MoTP then, and had used single horn detectors since 1984. Since then V1 has been had a major part of the high end detector market. Arrows are...
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    The quest for radar bluetoothed into your helmet is over!

    Shipit 2 are collecting GST now? That's a big change. But if you're OK with GST compare Youshop rates too. They used to be slightly cheaper.
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    Releasing a new detector without arrows

    Who's sensitive? That was a statement of a factual occurrence. 1632163362 You have just confirmed the value of knowing where the threat is. Thank you.
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    V1Gen2 Detection Range NYPD Hwy Unit

    Last Sunday, 1.4 km's against 34.7 Stalker. The cop was facing us parked behind a customer, the detection was around 3 - 4 moderate curves with slight elevation changes. There was higher ground to the side of the road as well. He didn't come into view until the last 200 - 300 metres.
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    The quest for radar bluetoothed into your helmet is over!

    Sorry, I don't know. I don't have jammers.
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    The quest for radar bluetoothed into your helmet is over!

    My Gen 2's cost around $NZ1000 all up when the dollar was at 62 cents, it's now 72. Shipit 2 seems to have a good name, I haven't used them yet but have registered. They don't act as tax collectors for Inland Revenue like Youshop. You may slip it through without being pinged for GST. Or get a...
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    How Many are Jumping Ship from the V1G2 to the DS1?

    Mike must have an alter alter ego? We should arrange to work in shifts Mike. How's your Porsche? Mine's going great.
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    World's first Valentine Airpurifier !

    Are detectors illegal there? If so, that will arouse a cops suspicions and he may decide to check you out. Cops are by nature suspicious, cynical and sceptical. If they are legal, that could still fool a thief and stop him breaking in for some shopping.
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    Galaxy Z Flip3

    It'd be well worth updating to the LE dongle anyway, or Gen 2.