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    So Few People Run Detectors These Days....

    Yeah, quick cars are high risk. Even my modestly quick hatch would sail past 150 - 160 km/h in a simple overtake. That's walking for a month speed down here. 1600473841 The authorities call detector users "sophisticated speeders" here. I rather like that, being sophisticated. But they clearly...
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    Got smashed with IO

    Sorry, My powers are only for good, they're not for sale. But for a small fee I'll run interference for you. We went over SH36 to RVegas for brunch on Sunday, then back around the lake and through to Paengaroa. Not a beep anywhere.
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    NZ Moving to zero tolerance speed limit enforcement

    Good question. If it's really zero tolerance, they should ticket at +1.
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    K Band Delay

    In practice I can pass a Redflex facing away and get an instant K band alert on the rear antenna as I pass. A Mode, KV on. I don't see delays.
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    Purchase V1G2 or Redline 360c?

    "An optional extra is an HD 5.5" remote display and touch screen control centre. Battery or wired power supply. A must for any modern detector. Don't wait, order now". It just sounds modern, doesn't it? 1600385568 Our only K threat is Redflex cams. I would not mute rear K where the cops might...
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    Its the year 2020 Yet there's no perfect Radar Detector - Why not?

    Perfection varies from person to person. For me the Gen 2 with JBV1 is near perfect. And yes, I do like running an app, It feels so.....21st century. I won't buy a detector that doesn't allow it. I did that from 1985 to 2012. I also won't buy something the size of a brick, filled with gimmicks...
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    So Few People Run Detectors These Days....

    I see quite a few Boi Racer cars without CM's. Which is a surprise. They either don't speed, just do skids, or they think they'll do a runner. If you were a detector manufacturer, you'd think very hard about products and price points.
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    Purchase V1G2 or Redline 360c?

    I run A mode exclusively. With auto lockouts enabled, quiet ride set, and rear/side K muting it's a quiet as a quiet thing.
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    Replacement Radar Detector Decisions

    There were no recalls. Faulty units were repaired promptly as they failed, all QC issues are fixed. And, just by the way, the failure rate was not 100% as stated by an RDF member. It was considerably less than 30%.
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    Purchase V1G2 or Redline 360c?

    No, it's like comparing a modern marine binoculars to to an old sailors telescope. You see more with Gen2/JBV1. But, damn it, you have to use both eyes with binoculars, it doesn't suit being one eyed.
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    What is the future technology of speed enforcement and detection?

    I believe Norway has an income related fine structure. If I recall correctly, some fatcat received a fine of around $NZ27,000 for a fairly minor speed excess.
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    To seg or not to seg, that is the question.

    CF's on the Gen2 are not true segmentation. They are sophisticated box mutes. So Gen2 still scans at extreme speed, it just doesn't report on those freqs outside the CF. It's much more flexible than clumsy segments. So you can block areas where you might get annoying falses. Eg, I block...
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    Help I’m a V1 Gen1 (3.945) Idiot

    PM Sent. I have a couple of LE's, one is available.
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    Settings Questions

    FWIW. I entered a fake camera into the database for testing purposes, I would get alerts on several different streets when ever the car was pointed towards the location and was within range. I have SRO enabled
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    JBV1 & V1G2 Can't Get Lockouts To Work Correctly?

    I like the chirps. It's the V1 saying "I'm still awake".