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    Cancelled the max360 ordered the v1

    Not sure why you guys are recommending a third party app when VR developed V1C specifically for the V1. That in itself means a lot. ---------- Post added at 08:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:58 PM ---------- Waze is still better than Escort Live or any other software because it is...
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    Just got my first V1!

    Back to my earlier comment. Sellers must take back merchandise for whatever reason. Even if the item is not defective or broken. PayPal changed it policy at the beginning of this year because of credit card chargeback a are allowed by the major CC companies for up to 90 days. That being said...
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    Just got my first V1!

    You can return any eBay item for up to 90 days past the date of purchase. eBay and PayPal will side with you. Your only loss will be the return S/H cost. If the buyer doesn't respond beyond "read manual" let the buyer protection work its magic.
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    Just got my first V1!

    Option #2 is you ask for $100 off and keep the RD. Then send in for upgrade.
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    Just got my first V1!

    Never buy a high end detector on eBay. Call VR and ask for a return unit. It will always end up being cheaper by buying direct from VR and you know your getting a tuned quality RD.
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    More Display Patent Update

    A new V1 will cost close to the current model. The 360 is super expensive not because of the tech but because Escort needs the price to cover the third party sellers profit. V1 sells its own stuff so no need to pad the price and quality equals fewer returns.
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    More Display Patent Update

    Man I looked over the 9164166 patent and the arrows are way different. The strength meter appears to be in the arrows? If so really cool stuff. ---------- Post added at 01:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 PM ---------- I rather VR take it time and refine all the changes so we...
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    V1 Customer Service Aggravation

    That sucks! The amount of units they process on a daily basis I am not surprised they missed something small. I always say its better to buy a new unit and sell your old one... for piece of mind.
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    warning to all who buy a Valentine One

    What was your reason for returning the V1?
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    New Member Question....Al Priority

    The control module is not designed to be outside the passenger compartment. It specifically states that in the manual. The PC board inside will not survive the temp/moisture in the engine compartment. There should be plenty of room to mount everything in the panels above the foot well.
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    YA v1 for IPhone ????

    V1C software works fine. Technically its the software directly developed by VR specifically for the V1 so you can't go wrong with it.
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    Can we get any max360 vs redline tests plz!

    That might be true but V1 is the only other RD with arrows to compare the 360 against.
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    Another convert

    My 3 head ALP arrived today. Took about 3 hrs to cleanly remove the LI and replace the setup with the ALP. Did the setup and updates. So far I am impressed. Messed around with a LI tester I had and even at distance and crazy angles the ALP picks up the little tester. Now just waiting for new...
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    Virgina with radenso

    I got busted having a V1 on my way back from the OB North Carolina aboug 5-6 years ago. I was not speeding (literally driving within 5 mph of the speed limit) and the V1 was turned off. Basically, I was not in a rush so I didn't need the V1 turned on (also knowing they are illegal in the state)...