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    V1 gen 1 vs. R7. Still fairly good

    Running JBV1 app is like a military upgrade for the V1 and allows for alert logging for review later.
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    K Band Frequency

    Loudonville, Ohio, this past spring!
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    Can I program an ooooldddd V1G1 somehow?

    Turn off KA Guard will help with Ka bands.
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    WI SP aircraft enforcement

    I love JBV1 for tracking Ohio State Patrol's flight pattern this past July 5th.
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    Roseville, MI running K-Band

    Had a 24.047 from Loudonville, Ohio, that originally had thr v1 mute below 24.1xx. Had to make an adjustment after witnessing this event!
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    Worst states for lidar use? Florida, Georgia and Ohio?

    Ohio locals use Dragon Eye...'nuff said.
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    V1G1 "good enough" compared to V1G2 when running both on JBV1

    My V1G1 with freshly pushed sweeps is really good on Ka doing easy one miles on 35.5. This one would have been longer if it wasn't for the bend. But plenty of range, consistent ramp up with no ghosting, and very good K-band range.
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    X Band

    I drive over 100 miles daily in Northern Ohio and keep X-band ON. But haven't caught OSP with X-band for over a decade or so.
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    ISP Air Enforcement I-69 Madison County

    Ohio State Patrol's airplane was covering CLE area on July 5th.
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    K Band 24.120

    Mochicanville, Ohio. I had to adjust my JBV1 not to mute this local cop!
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    Leaky RD Hell

    Had something similar while in FL/GA. Even boxed I got a couple of double brass before being muted. So I added signal strength <2 and how well it works on the return trip.
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    Fun four doors

    You cannot go wrong with the turbochargered engines in today's Cadillac's. We had a 2013 ATS4 2.0T with a ecu tune making almost 400 lb-ft on 93 octane with +90,000 miles. The funnest was a 2014 XTS VSport 3.6TT with ecu tune and close to 600 lb-ft of torque also on pump gas. It would spin the...
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    EV batteries

    Not as bad as you think.
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    Poll: Do you disable X-Band reception on your detector(s)

    The last I received X-band in Ohio was 2015 Charger redesign with full led. I still keep it on.
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    Instant On Testing w/ 13 RD's on Ka Band

    Would the V1 12v outlet have different or inconsistent rating that direct wire to the fuse box splitter?