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  • Hi - The Airport looks nice. A friend about a block away comes barreling into my house. I use a repeater and it is still not satisfactory. I know nothing about it. Have you updated the firmware and reset the unit? Are there any utility programs needed I would use it in tandem with the Arris modem. I am in Zip 08403.
    Thanks! Murray
    Just wanted to tell you a big thanks!!

    I ran into your comment on another site (radardetector.net) while looking up an answer to an issue I had with V1 Connect App connectivity. You provided the perfect solution to my problem (disabeling "force display" option in order to get out of "legacy mode").

    Again, thank you very much! You saved me from a lot of trouble(shooting)

    Didn't want to register there only to post a comment, looked you up here instead :)
    No you do not need the CD,RA or Savvy to use it. Try reversing your plugs on the modular jack. The V1 megatools display is telling u that the sketch is loaded into the Arduino but it's not getting a read out from the V1.
    Hi,midd,glad to see you post how v1MegaTool work.I have a question that must Concealed Display,Remote Audio Adapter and Savvy connected together it will work? I only have RA and try ESP
    manual "#3" connection , turn on or off v1, serial monitor only show "V1MegaTool",no menu.
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