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  • hi dukes, was looking at buying a uniden r3 but i cant find any info on its performance against the redflex cameras they use here in new zealand? i currently use a redline pro a intl and frankly the alert distance is crap(50-100m) max. u can slow down in time if u have very fast reactions but due to k falses i tend to ignore/miss genuine hits. any info appreciated. cheers, tony young.
    Howdy Chris...hope you're well..I'm wondering if we I can turn off K on my Stinger...drives me crazy..I can still leave it active on my ALP...for some reason Stinger alerts way more to K than ALP..and dam Stinger doesn't lock out when I try to delete falses..still alerts even if I lock out..not happy with it,,would not recommend it...not over ALP anyways...need work
    Thanks for the note for intermediate promotion. I will reply with answers within a few days. I want to take some time to formulate complete responses. Thanks
    Hi Dukes,

    I'm close to ordering a V1 (refurbished) with a android dongle for YaV1. Was wondering how you like it for use in Edmonton and Calgary? I do believe that k band isn't used in yeg, but does rcmp use it on hwy 2?

    If you could do it again, would you get a V1? Or a sti-r to integrate with the ALP? Or the redline even?

    I don't really drive anywhere apart from in Edmonton and down to calgary.



    I live in Edmonton and noticed your footer mentioning lidar testing. Are you in YEG too or somewhere else?

    DAMN IT WHY DIDNT I SIGN IN EARLIER!!! I wanted the stalker :( if it falls through magically lmka nd I will but
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