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    SEAL project termination

    Aw man. I was so excited for this. What a slap in the face. I'm sorry to hear this, guys. As much as I was excited to use it I'm sure you guys were much more excited to release it. Hopefully one day this legal situation changes. Thank you for trying to improve a product that's already way...
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    Announcing SEAL

    This is an amazing idea. A HUGE thanks to everyone that has made this possible!
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    Just Ordered My Second V1G2

    Actually, it has been confirmed that .1018 and .1019 are different by Mike himself (source: Nobody knows what the difference is (yet) though...
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    CSA Source

    Nice! Thanks for the help. Appreciate it!
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    CSA Source

    Understood, thank you! So in theory if I were to report something in Waze, it would show up for JBV1 users?
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    CSA Source

    Hi all, I recently got a second phone which happens to be Android, so I figured I would pair JBV1 with my V1G2. I love it so far! Quick question about CSA (police reports, in particular): what is the source? Are the alerts the same as Waze, or are they pulled from another app/database? Thanks!
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    V1G2 FW 4.1019

    Any news on this yet? I received mine about two weeks ago and it also came with 4.1019. Which is great, just curious about what may have changed :)
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    G2 ship times?

    I wish that were the case for me but it has almost been two weeks since the charge appeared on my card, if they had shipped it it would have been here by now. Plus, the charge dropped off which they would not let happen if they shipped the V1 to me. I'm sure I just need to wait until the whole...
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    G2 ship times?

    That’s true, but I shipped mine on 3/14 and they charged my card well before they shut down. I see people that ordered (or upgraded) after me and they received their devices. I’m just hoping that they didn’t ship it already and that it got lost in the mail somehow. How do they provide the...
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    G2 ship times?

    I sent in my old V1 on 3/14... then my card got a temporary charge on 3/20. I have not received any email, no tracking, no V1, and now the charge has fallen off of my credit card. What should I do? I am OK with waiting but now that the charge has disappeared and I have no email I am scared that...
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    StealthAssist for V1 - Newly-launched iOS app

    Been using this app for a while now (bought the in-app purchase), and I LOVE the Savvy-feature. Also the color-by-band function is immensely helpful. Great job! I do have to ask again though; is there a specific reason you (seem to be/are) dodging the questions about a GPS-Lockout feature? Keep...
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    Interested in Veil - but is it even worth it?

    That answers my questions pretty well. Will not bother - thank you!
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    Interested in Veil - but is it even worth it?

    Haha, I know. But I go to college in upstate New York near a highway where there are lots of State Troopers - and oh boy, they do use LIDAR :)
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    Interested in Veil - but is it even worth it?

    Hey guys! I have been interested in applying Veil for a long time, but I am wondering if it's even worth it. I live in a state where we don't have front-license plates (PA) and I obviously don't have any dummy plates on the front. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it's silver. My headlights...
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    V1 - What could have caused this laser false? (VIDEO)

    I see, thanks for the clarification. I haven't had many laser falses (actually only 2 if you count this one), so it's not a problem. I'd prefer it to be more sensitive to laser, who knows you'll pick up some scatter!