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  • I have some strong personal opinions on the use of e-stim. I'm a big supporter of using it for NMES especially post op TKA or ACL etc... if quad activation is not adequate. It works very well for this especially if you do a good job educating your patient on what to expect, why it's needed, and they tolerate an intensity high enough to get a clear visible/palpable muscle contraction. For acute pain management, it's my opinion that there is some clinical support for using it. In this instance, I prefer IFC vs TENs as the treatment depth is greater. I rarely use it unless I'm really having difficulty getting a patient to relax or tolerate treatment. If it's a patient with chronic pain, I pretty much will not use e-stim as there is just not much good long term carry over. This is certainly debatable and you'll get varying opinions.
    Oh nice. I found it was actually pretty easy. The gaps may be tight, but the car is like a big lego and the panels pop off with clips pretty easily so it's not too big a deal to get in there and run some wires. :)
    Dude, I live near silverdale too... I also have a vw. It's a 98 jetta k2 though. What kind of radar detector do you have?
    Everything is done with the sdcard. No cable is needed. If you do not have a sd card reader, you will need to get one. They are cheap at new egg. under $10. No the power does not go all the way down, you will see a little metal.
    I'm rarely on 16 so I don't recall what falses were there. Its good to hear that they are gone though
    HI. On your August 7th pics of the red car....What antenna mount is that? It looks like it works on hatch doors well. Thanks
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