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  • Hi Franky. I haven't been able to get an answer from the board on a recent issue that I've been having with YAV1 so I'm reaching out to you. My V1 and YAV1 have been working great for about a year until recently. In the past when I got a false K alert I just pressed the screen of my Android phone and it gave me the option to block or unblock the signal. Recently I've noticed that I am no longer getting the option to block. I'm not sure if a setting has changed on YAV1 or my phone, but thought you might have some idea of what's happening. Thanks. Dan
    Thanks for your efforts, its a big help to me learning about RDs and what if anything I should purchase.
    Unfortunately this is a limitation of the vBulletin system - there's no way to make a sticky attachment ID. The only thing I could suggest doing is linking to the thread which has the latest doc attached to it - at least that way it would link to the most recent doc. The other option would be to give you guys an ftp account and you could just host the docs there - do you want me to get with windstrings about this?
    The shorter name did not work for the arrow placement. I always used my phone sideways to use the app and the arrows were in the middle. If I turn it vertical I can see the arrows but there alot lower than they used to be. I'm using a droid. [email protected]
    Franck, I finally got my Samsung Galaxy S2 Android (version 2.3.6) settings emailed to you. As you recall I have to restart my phone each time I want to use YaV1. Otherwise, it will keep on searching and trying to connect. All my YaV1 updates are current as of yesterday (10/31/2013). Thank you for your help.

    The problem is that it neither detected on euro mode "on" with "u" or "U".
    But when i selected euro off, it imidiatly detected.
    Only in Ka band!!
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