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    Alerts suddenly stuck on right side of screen

    @johnboy00 Tried the map again and wow, definitely changed my mind. The heat map and waze integration is great, this app is pretty amazing. Lots of functionality, will be making a donation! Thanks for all your work.
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    Alerts suddenly stuck on right side of screen

    Okay, thank you for the info. I tried the map feature, I just didnt really find the appeal personally. I just like it as a screen to show the RD alerts, I'll try it again though. Landscape works/looks better for where the phone is in the car.
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    Alerts suddenly stuck on right side of screen

    Oh okay, I don't use the map, is there an option to put it back the other way? Or should I just switch to the last version? Thank you for the reply!
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    Alerts suddenly stuck on right side of screen

    Any ideas? Suddenly all my alerts are stuck on the right side of the screen. No changes were made that I know of. I've tried uninstalling, reverting to factory settings, etc. Thanks in advance!
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    HW1 & HW2 --> HW4 CPU Upgrade Pricing

    My serial number starts with 566- This is a newer HW2 that is still supported, correct?
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    Redline-O vs R3 range shootout

    Thanks for posting! I'm in the process of switching from a 9500ci to a V1G2 so this makes me excited as I should see about the same range increase.
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    Have You Met DragonEye Yet? You Will…

    NJ State Police seem to only use LTI. Hopefully they'll stay on that trend and they purchased one of the other things the distributor sells.
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    V1 Gen 2 shipping

    Ordered 5/5 Charged 5/26 Shipped 5/27 (ETA 5/29)
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    Just ordered a brand-new V1 Gen2

    You dont need any internet connection to use JBV1. GPS features will still work without internet
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    Dual detector setup to V1 G2

    Thanks guys, that's basically what I figured. Back when I did put my setup together I basically used the 9500ci for range and the V1 for arrows. Definitely happy I can just use the new V1 alone now for both purposes!
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    Dual detector setup to V1 G2

    Hey guys, haven't been active here in quite some time and have fallen out of the loop. I've been running a 9500ci + V1 combo for a few years. Most of my knowledge is from when the 9500ci and Redline were still the king of range. Now that I see the new V1 G2 has come out. Based on the testing...
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    Installing jammers on a POS with 125k miles? lol

    I ran a 4 head ALP on a 2002 Hyundai Elantra with 300k miles lol. I think the jammers were worth more than the car.
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    Uniden R7 Announced & features discussion thread

    This looks awesome. I've been out of the countermeasure loop for awhile and lost some interest overall, but this has my attention. I may finally move away from my 9500ci and V1 combo for this detector. It would probably be nice to simplify down to one detector especially for more range in both...
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    Feature request: Swap front/rear arrows

    Yep that is already done. Thank you very much! Just in case the reverse mount doesnt work out it could be put to good use.
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    Feature request: Swap front/rear arrows

    I'll have to try that, I didnt think it would go in the mount backwards. I have a front facing 9500ci so I'm not concerned with extra range in the front, although based on my time with it the front and rear antennas seem to have just about the same range to me. I made a mount to hold my V1...