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  • Windstrings...Restarted my phone and database restore screen worked. Sorry to bother you with "user errors." Have a great 4th.
    In case you haven't seen the news, V1Driver will be arriving to Android in the very near future.. possibly the end of the month. On a positive side since you are a YaV1 user it will work with the V1C or V1C LE.

    Can you help me with a copy of Threat Link app?
    Thank You!
    Can you help me sort out my expectations and potential config errors with YaV1 and a brand-new V1 with ESP? My understanding is that I can lockout the K band from the local grocery store or the traffic speed sign on the highway. My understanding to lock these out is to go to "Logged Alerts", click on a .csv file, view the latest alerts, click on one and select lockout for the pop-up menu. And by locking out this signal, it won't set off my detector again. What am I missing here? These radars still alert and the only thing I really see working is that Savvy emulation seems to keep them to a lower volume when I am driving less than 35 miles per hour.
    How are you making out with the flooding, my friend? Hope you are your family are safe and that your home is fine.
    Hey buddy im in ohio and heres my phone number 2066194777 my name is cody. Got a ass ton of questions for you
    Have got got Skype or something like this ? Maybe an Email, I will send you the APK ..

    If you have got Skype, I can show you by webcam the basic usage ? Would this help ?

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