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    RPSE future improvement.

    Must be a long vacation :D But seriously, if you look back at the last major update it was 6 months from US 14 before US 17 was released so maybe something new around September?
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    RPSE future improvement.

    It seems so. He used to be very active here answering questions and clarifying our misstatements, but now you hardly ever see anything from him even when somebody has tagged his name in a comment or question.
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    RPSE future improvement.

    All detectors have problems, even the flavor of the month Uniden R1/R3. The difference is how the manufacturer deals with the problems. In the beginning Radenso was very responsive, releasing firmware updates frequently. Michael was very active here and participated in the various tests...
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    Lost some faith in Rex today

    Could you have cell phone interference? There's another post here by Salty that describes his cell phone's proximity to the detector causing it to sleep.
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    For those that are not getting the range you thought you would

    Ahhh, my crystal ball tells me a new test is on the horizon by the TXCGT group ;)
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    Risks with TSR High, K Narrow

    ....and Dragoneyes have nothing to do with QT and the risk of running K Narrow and TSR High on an RPSE.
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    Risks with TSR High, K Narrow

    A Dragoneye is not radar and selective I/O is not the same as QT. QT is possible in theory, but not likely in the real world environment. It's more something we see in testing here to test a detector's reaction. In my state the only LEO's who use K band are locals who are poorly trained...
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    Risks with TSR High, K Narrow

    QT shots are not a threat in the real world, plus it has to be a very fast shot for the RPSE to miss it. Not very practical from the operator's end. K Narrow sweeps 100 +/_, so you're safe. I've run these settings and although I don't have any K band radar in my area I have gotten great range...
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    DishTV sets off Ka false?

    I remember when I was trying to get along with a Max a few years ago this was a big topic of discussion. The Max was bad to mystery false and you would look around and not see any cars or typical sources to cause falsing, so we tended to point to satellite dishes and cell towers as possible...
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    got ticket from CHP with ESCORT iX

    VASCAR II records video of the encounter. Is VASCAR used in CA? If so, that would explain why your detector was quiet.
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    How Often Do You Find Valid Hits?

    Where I drive both the state and locals use I/O almost exclusively, so I don't get as many hits. You have a first class detector and one that will sniff out those faint I/O shots. In time you'll get some hits and come to appreciate what you have.
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    Range Features & Big View

    The V1 is no slouch. Take a look at this weekend's testing by TXCGT on 35.5 and you'll see it was in the top tier. Plus arrows are a boon.
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    TXCTG - Bergheim Equalizer Curve 35.5 - 2017-07-09

    The RPSE is much stronger on 34.7 than 35.5.
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    Introducing the New Radenso RC

    Re: Introducing the New Radenso HC Looking forward to hearing about your experience.
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    A stroll down memory lane: What's your favorite outdated detector?

    The original Passport. Best detector Escort ever made.