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  • hello, i would like to purchase the pro...can you provide a discount code please...thank you
    Please use coupon code "rdforum" for a 10% discount on our detectors
    I would like to purchase a Pro SE today, if you could please send me the 10% off coupon code. Thanks
    I am interested in buying a radenso pro se directly from the website. Is there anyway you could extend a discount on that model. My brother bought on a few months ago and I am very impressed with it. Need hard wire kit also.
    Thanks, mjordan
    Hi Michael... I hate to bother you but my recent order for the "Radenso Pro" radar detector got messed up :( .. They sent me a "Radenso XP" which is not what I wanted or ordered. I opened the package however, I did NOT Break the Seal or open the XP detector box. Please advise...
    MY order number was #2668 ordered on 1 Mar 2017... Normally I would accept the XP but I really want the Radenso Pro... It would have been a great surprise if it was the Radenso ProSE! :). You may contact me at my e-mail ([email protected]) or Phone (901-826-6747) anytime if you like. Thanks Michael.

    Regards... Fred
    Hello Michael... Sorry to bother you... How do I get the discount for the Radenso detector? Thanks for your time and consideration.

    aocsgil (Fred)
    Do you know when the Blue display will be out. And when I buy the XP will it have the newest firmware update in it? Thanks
    Hi Michael I am considering buying an XP through Amazon, if I get a 10% coupon code from you will I be able to use it there. I want to use my Amazon rewads card.
    Hi Michael I have been looking for a new detector and came across this forum. I had never heard of Radenso before the forum. I was going to buy a Max2 but the reviews on here have won me over to get an XP. Just wondering if you are still giving a 10% discount? Thanks!
    Wow, Thanks for the reply. The Alert tones are really not quite set right in my opinion. I love the KA alert that Beltronics use. Can you match that somewhat closely. I know a lot of people would eat that up. I don't have the an idea how to get a quality alert tone made but if you could maybe send me in that direction id look into making some different ones up.
    Hi Mike,
    Anyway to program some better sounding alert tones for the Radenso products?? KA sounds like a laser toy gun from a bowling alley toy vending machine. I like the new XP but the tones are keeping me from trying one.
    Hello Michael, I would like to purchase an XP, I'm reading you will give a 10 % discount for members of the forum, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You.
    Hi Michael, I would like to purchase the Pro SE and two direct wire power cords. Could you share the info for the 10% discount? Thanks!
    Hi Michael, I'm interested in purchasing the XP can you tell me how I get the 10 % discount. Happy New Year - John
    Hi Michael,

    Can you please let me know the 10% discount code for members of this forum?

    Hi Michael,
    Your first post in this thread mentioned a 10% RDF discount. Can you please share the COUPON CODE for this.

    Can I have code?
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