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    Error 2 check cables or defective sensor

    So today I went for a drive in one of my cars and as I was about a mile from my house the ALPs alerted to a poliscan there was no laser and there are no poliscans in my town. thought it was strange but didn't think anything of it. I arrived home and then a few hours later I went back out this...
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    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    I guess at this point it doesn't matter if I post pictures of the car so I will take some pictures of the heads mounted with these brackets. I've had them on the car now for a while and they have stayed aligned up to speeds that are only legal in Germany ;)
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    Not happy with my ALP install

    Wow I can't believe this is a "professional" install especially stuffing the wire into the fuse. and for $830!? I've done much better installs for people and charged much less.
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    Utah: 119 tickets for 100+ in four days

    I really need to get out and do some driving before traffic gets heavy again.
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    Other Moron Passes A LEO Over Double Yellow

    dumbass. I know that spot I grew up not too far from there in Stoneham.
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    Bionoculars - Lets talk about them

    thermals will not work behind glass. only IR will and a good pair of giro stabilized IR binoculars will run you $15k
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    Powering Theia

    I have the same one.
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    Other Tire makes a break for freedom on highway.

    Funny I actually got the nickname 16 years ago on a cruise because the lug nuts loosened up on one of the rear wheels and lost two of them but stopped before the wheel came off. We were in the middle of nowhere so we couldn't find replacement lug nuts so I pulled one off another wheel so I had...
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    Bionoculars - Lets talk about them

    not possible to use while driving, only possible for a passenger to manage
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    Which radar unit is this?

    Yes. I wont go into details at this time but it was K band at night and I was a passenger.
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    New guy here from outside of Chicago

    welcome from a fellow local
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    Which radar unit is this?

    I can tell you I know the LR police have had K band from at least December 2019.
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    Recommendation please - stealth is top priority

    If I were you I would go with the ALP's for sure and either an R7 for now and wait for Theia to come out. then decide on if you want to spend the money on a RC-M or NET radar or get Theia. then just sell the R7 or keep it as a backup.
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    Escort Passport (Cincinnati Microwave) Board Pics

    they were a great detector at the time, and the top dog in the 80's then the Ka and the 90's came along and gave us the V1 and some great Bel detectors but they just felt cheap and everyone I owned eventually broke. I think I still have my Bel 966 wideband but it doesn't work anymore.