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  • Hi, I read your references to 3M tape and it's effectiveness against laser. Are there any tests posted with this material? I've searched this forum but can't find anything. I'd also appreciate any further info you could provide. I'm really intrigued, as my G37's front end is covered with 3M ClearBra.
    Hey lugnuts, I'm in the Chicago area and interested in installing a jammer system on my Audi A7 2012. I have an Escort 9500ix which is awesome but I just got hit with a laser two weeks ago and I'm starting to get nervous about it, and I drive to Mishawaka regularly now. Any suggestions? What's your install cost? I could meet you somewhere also. Thanks man!

    what cb and antenna do you use again? I really like the new mount. Mayyyyy have to steal the idea from you lol.
    DUI - wonder what the police will think if I get that on my plate.

    1D2R - it is funny but at the same time it came true over the summer...
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