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  • Hey guess we are close neighbors I live in Lake City do you know of any upcoming testing events close to us?
    Jerry Daskoski
    I am in Tampa area and need testing. Willing to travel to east coast. Can you or anyone you know help. I have a five sensor ALP setup on my RCF. Thanks.
    Nice Avatar. Living in Washington here. Was listening to the radio the other day ( so always a lot of seahawk garbage) they had the coach from your avatars team on. They asked him what an osprey was. I'm yelling at my radio " a seahawk is an osprey!!!"the coach said an osprey is kind of like a seahawk. The truth is there is no such thing as a seahawk, it's really an osprey
    Hopefully this is the correct pathway.
    Like I noted, I have several adds for Pennsylvania and the state police are not the only ones using radar as noted on the page i sent you.
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