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  • wha???? i think you posted that on the wrong message board - this is nazar's message board
    I'm thinking of sitting down and making a spread sheet too setup Redlines & V1(WA) for All Australian States. Would this be useful? More than just your basic settings included.
    Hey I posted a pic of a car similar to mine and didn't realize the license plate was that visible is there a way to block now thanksnow thanks
    Hi mate, would you be interested in pooling our rd's together and sending off for update. Not that i know anyone but i am sure
    someone from forum would do for us.

    what do you reckon?
    Hi nazar

    I posted it. Obviously needs additional posts for other setups ie front li setup.
    It's a start. And there is something up in the forum to cover rear facing vps.
    Let me know what you reckon
    Nazar, I've donated $20 for the Escort appreciation fund. Would you please add my name to the list?

    Much thanks! I didn't even know I had a shoutbox. You and your awesome dazzling firework welcome intro!! :)
    Thankls Naz and thanks for your effort, without it I think I would still be on the outer
    hey mate sorry i wasnt on the computer at the time i was working in the garage im rebuilding a motor ....i accepted the invite but im not to sure how it all works yet but i will get used to it... also i picked up a X50 the other day for $150 i have a video of it in the other section dash cam **** its self so i purchased another off ebay but better this time so hopefully i can start doing some fresh vids
    Just joshing/joking mate...
    20 yrs of rd i must have learnt something.....
    I just dont post as much as you....
    forgot to say that i have done many of my own real life tests with all my detectors and with blinder that was on my bike all to gain as much knowledge as possible on the subject.
    I was one of the first to tell NZ that we had new cameras and the main retailler/expert shops did not believe me.
    Have owned all the makes, v1 sti,9500i 9500ix,x50 etc etc
    hey hows it hanging...... i uploaded another vid of the fixed rear facing poliscan......thought you might be interested. i see what you mean on vids getting lost...:mad:
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