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  • Hello,
    I am sending a release for the X alert lockout, I have enlarged the Drift to 4 MHz on X band.
    Let me know how it goes.
    No, I was not there for that. Actually, this is the first time I will be going to Road America.
    Plenty of friends have been there already and the say it's awesome.

    Sounds like you had a cool experience there, good stuff.
    I'm doing a two day track day on my motorcycle, can't wait!
    Were you at Road America when my unit brought one of our 7-tons and HMMWV's for the Toys for Tots event in 2010/2011?

    I was lucky to go up on the boardwalk, inside the control room, had a ride-along with (I have a picture at home, forgot his name), and was surprised when an elderly gentleman let me borrow his Porsche Boxster S 6-speed for the "All vehicle allowed on track".
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