Elon Musk is the caller at the contra dance of the Tesla Tifosi!

March 2018: Best quote so far: I can promise you one thing. The next Escort product will be hugely disappointing to the fanboys at launch, but about 3-6 months later, those same people will buy one, use one, and then talk about how it's the greatest detector ever

Paul Revere stated: "Give me stealth or give me death!!"

Benedict Arnold replied: "Give me arrows or give me death." In the meantime, give me a Uniden R7.

The $700 Max 360c , a great plug n pray unit..........

Every sale of a Max360c is one more sale to Uniden R7.

BS Quote of the Year: " The EX just keeps getting better the more I use it. Simplicity of the 9500IX with performance like my original Redline. "

"LIDAR jammers don't work and are illegal. Proven on mythbusters as well. Next question.." SgtScott

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Remember: It's not how fast you go, it's how well you go fast.......

My new Avatar represents Valentine 1 customer Service reps: How may I help you??
Quote of the Month: a nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves......Edward R Murrow

And about my car: It may be ugly, but it sure is slow."

** Remember this: We are just Backyard testers, the cheeseburger and Hooter's type ** We spend no $$ to do these tests and need SML & C.P. to show us how they are done!! 2 2 Bel Stir-O Build Date 25/08 & 35/09 ( my babies are 9 years old and still rocking) (Still the Best of the Best!!!)

1 Escort Roush Mustang fully equipped with ECMs,, LSPs with Bridge Box and LSPs (aka "Sasha" as named by Nine_C1 )
*** 2013 Winner of Escort Roush Mustang ***

1 Uniden R3 , currently the best WS mount detector there is, bar none!!
1 Redline EX , sent back to motherland 08/17
1 Speed Cheetah C-150 (March 2015)
1 GRE PSR-800
1 Uniden R3
1 Escort Redline EX
1 9500ci with ZR4s & LSP and Bridge Box
1 ALP w/ Bluetooth and Quints and HiFi Module
1 iPhone enabled Smart Radar with display
1 BEL RX 65 with GPS and RLCs
3 Passport Max, V 1.9 w/ Knight Rider Display deactivated; # 1 Order on 05/29/13 Received 07/16/2013, 1 Bought and 1 Won On Bobby Likis Car Clinc Show; Max2, a real ass kicker in 34.7.
2 Belscort Redline (segs 2,5,8, with RDR OFF) , it sits below my SC55 (still better than My Max 1.9
1 Escort Passport IQ (the greatest idea that could have been, should have been BUT never was in performance) really needed an M3
3 V-1Cs (1 X .893 and 1 X .894 and 1X .892 all with ESP, one with TMF2/Junk -K and two with TMF1 ) (Finally get to make use of them (ESP) with V1connection LE and Savvy and Francky's YaV1 for Droid HTC )
2 RX 65 S7 ** ( IMHO, best unit out there for the $$$ and objective testing confirms this)
4 9500iX + 1 new 9500iX for Juniorette's car (Pearl white with Pink Stripe) /Gamer Edition(love the green display) / Race Edition
1 Beltronics Vector 995 Build Date: 4110
2 Escort SC55 RLC Detector
2 Speed Cheetah C50 RLC Detector (best RLC/Speed detector unit there is)
1 Cobra Aura RLC detector
1 Magellan with RLC POIs ( say bye bye Trapster)
1 Tom Tom with RLC/Speed Cam POIs)
Zaon PCAS MRX with antenna extender (yes, it works IF you know how to use and interpret the info it provides)

Pointman, Official ER Rep states: " Finally, in another test of pre-production software performed independently by SML, the new Max received radar signals (all bands) from beyond all previous recorded tests to date for any and all detectors. With final production software, the Max is the longest range radar detector available ever, for all guns, all bands."

Maybe your high heels are aggravating your varicose veins and cutting off the circulation to your reality receptors

****"The data on the MAX is inaccurate."NINE_C1
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Buckdarma: says: "In point of fact. I OWN a Bushnell Radar gun and even HAND BUILT a operating radar gun with operational audio doppler so I sure as hell know how they work.Far more then you do.
@Nine_c1 replies:"LMAO! You have a hotwheels gun and a $75 build you own kit from amazon. Be careful with those, don't look into the lens......it will give you brain tumors."
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