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  • Regarding the George Carlin: It would be funnier if my answer was: Well I have two mommies. :) I was about to say I have two dads (it would be funnier than two mommies) but then again I would not exist otherwise.
    PC, where do they cut off heads (LJ heads) as you mentioned today? I've been concerned about SC as they do classify a class of misdemeanor for LJs....thx
    OK PointerCone, you need to quit changing your avatar, I know who people are by their avatar and not by a name. When two people have a similar avatar it confuses me :p
    No I believe it's fine to do both, it will definitely be a beast. But my inderstanding is that you can correct the speedo with a tune, and since you'll be getting a tune with the supercharger you could do it all at once. But you could just do the gears and deal with the speedo until you do the SC. I will ask someone more knowledgeable than me about the other stuff.
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