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  • Do me a favor Ray and close up my user Id and account.

    I can read all this stuff already without needing one and I can't post here so what's the point ?

    Since you have erased all my other posts now and I can't even play around on the fake webpage you set up to be childish as you obviously are what is the point frankly?

    I would ask you to try to all grow up but judging from these further silly actions you have done now that won't happen anytime soon.
    Sounds like good stuff. You will be suprised at how well LI's work. I drove an '08 Dodge Ram, silver, big chrome grill, big head lights, probably a worse case scenario. I usually got JTG at the Houston meets. Any PT's I had were insignificant. It's really cool to see what the LIDAR beam looks like. It's not "laser pointer" thin like one would think.
    Ray if the weather holds out I should be able to get some pics with the rangefinder Saturday night. I took some today of my van in direct sun, I am surprised at how many places they can target, the plate is blinding but lots of reflection from head and signal lights as well as the big chrome bumper. The sun was behind me and the camera so the light angle would be similar to what a gun would see. I could see needing high powered jammers to hide this thing, not that I am too concerned the car is the one I need to shelter from laser but no rush on that it is parked until April.
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