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  • I highly doubt that your 08 F250 has an athermic anti-radiation windshield. These windshields block the sun's radiation to keep temps in the cabin down. They have a metallic coating which prevents radio waves from passing through.
    I have a 08 f250 super duty and I am running a Sti magnum does the windshield which says as1 affect the radar's operation (detection) range?

    Sorry to bother you on a holiday. Me and my son-in-law purchased 4 Redlines in 2013 from Tom at Best. So far, flawless and great detections.

    One of my son's units last night just stopped audio alerts. Powers on; Mute Off, volume Up No Sound. Tom said may have to send it back to Escort.

    What's the process, etc. ?


    Steve Solomon

    you can email me
    [email protected]
    Hello, I recently heard that the Redline now has a plastic case. Is it still undetectable?
    We have X50 S7s there now. If you are referring to RX65 S7s then I do not know. It may be a while, if ever. Sign up to our EscortRadar eBay store's newsletter to receive regular emails of our store's inventory.
    I do not understand, you plugged your dad's RedLine into what? If you mean that you plugged it into a SmartCord Live cord (Escort Live cord) then you first need to update the SmartCord Live cord using Detector Tools on your computer and the cord's mini-USB jack. After the cord is updated then use your RedLine with the cord like you normally would and it should prompt you to update the RedLine's firmware.
    I have my redline which is new so it has the Segmentaion.... but i plugged my dads RL into it and it promted me to up date so i did and it did nothing... i read and read and it seems like im the only one thats, that retarded :D did i do something wrong? did i miss something? any help please thank you
    Hi mate.

    Wonder if you could help with the .apk file. For some reason we in Australia can not
    Download from Google play. Also with smart chord, escort would not ship to Australia.
    Ended up buying one from amazon to upgrade redline.

    I tried to register and it kept Saying incorrect serial number with both rd and chord.

    Not sure if registered I can readily download app.

    Thanks in advance

    Not specifically although there shouldn't be an issue. The app development team has certainly been working with iOS 7.
    The Magnum will easily outperform the Vector 985, especially with Ka radar. The factory default settings are perfect for most. Use Auto mode in cities to limit false alerts and Highway mode on the highway. Disabling TSR will give you a bit more K band radar range but will also cause more falsing.
    Hi there,

    I used to own a vector 985 and just recently purchased the sti magnum.
    Do you think I will notice much of a difference between the 2?My 985 was an awesome detector until recently when it decided to sop working.

    It was rather noisy in the city though.

    Also one last question if you would please.Been searching the forums here to find a thread with suggestions on the settings for this thing and cant seem to find any? Would you have a link you could share with me please?

    Thanks again in advance!
    Here is the error message:

    Hello Sir

    I have a STI Plus R with "Check Receiver Wiring" problem.
    I recently updated my database with no problems.

    When I went to update the firmware, my computer (a PC) ran (with the hourglass spinning) for 30 minutes and never completed the update.
    I couldn't wait any longer so I disconnected the computer and the next time I turned it on got the triple beep and the "Check Receiver Wiring" message.
    I did nothing to the system, no wires have been touched ever.
    This is a firmware problem that has something to do with the "non update"

    I called Escort/Bel and was told to reset the system. I did (it did reset completely) and immediately got the same CRW message.
    I am going to try again tomorrow, but can you give me any suggestions?

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