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    This app is Driving Me NUTS!

    I am having same issue on a Motorola Moto phone.. setting on app correct, phone settings autolock is off all other screen saver, dimming etc if off. try to go into JBV1- settings-display- alert screen dimmer ( turn off) , alert map ( auto visibility ) turn off on your phone search screen...
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    Delete profiles in Export current settings

    Got it thanks man did not even see that I posted there.
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    Delete profiles in Export current settings

    I want to remove some filename profiles that I saved as " export current settings" how do I remove these exports?
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    Speed cam not reporting?

    I have to doublecheck cause now that I think about it, I had VVaze running as well and it did not detect the cam. I will check again next time i pass by it. Usually VVaze alerts me on it.
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    Speed cam not reporting?

    I have auto mute control Silent Ride speed to 25. Today I passed by a speed camera which i know where it is and the JBV1 and the V1 did not detect. It there a setting that I am missing? should i lower the silent ride speed to like 10mph so i get the speed traps, camera, lights in the city?
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    Mercedes GLC 300 Mirror tap connection

    I have a question on this mirror tap connection for the V1G2. Anyone know what this device is for the first pic? I am using this for the tap. It is always on, but it does not bother me as I remove the rd and only use it on weekends. I connected the red wire to the red/white that was giving me...
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    New user few questions...

    with auto lockouts, do i want to enable learn gm-muted alerts and all other car alerts?, enable or not for the learn box-muted alerts?
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    New user few questions...

    so If i don't specify the " frequency range" and leave it at not set, it will use the default range for ka band: 35.101 - 36.000?
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    New user few questions...

    Also where is Reverse Geocoding? I am looking in settings and not able to find it. I have done a search in the jbv1 app and does not find it.
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    New user few questions...

    Yes I agree but I am trying to learn more about these features i have listed so I understand JBV1 better on what will work for me. Like KA band boxes for example it shows (box 1- KA high (35.101-36.00)) then Frequency range- not set.. so does this mean that box 1 KA high i would need to go in...
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    New user few questions...

    I just got my v1G2 yesterday and going through some setting on jbv1.. I have a few questions that I am not sure what to set too. Auto Mute Control: the auto mute in the bottom for each band, should they be enabled to " silent ride mode" ? I see that all are enabled other than KA band ...
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    Clever (mirror) mounting options for Mercedes vehicles

    i thought about this also but i decided to visor mount mine. it is easy to remove when needed.
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    Band Selection / Segmentation

    I understand man and appreciate your app. well done. I will post more specific questions on here as needed.
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    New user...Band Boxes??

    so for muting all alerts lets say in the parking lot i would " turn ON Silent Ride Speed ?
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    ??? For those who bought Android device just for JBV1...

    I just ordered and expecting this phone to come in today. when you say unlocked, you mean for all carriers?