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    RL360C is it working ?

    Well I was out this morning with no Police radar found. Took wifey shopping and RL360C did alert to K band door opener. Only got a no noise grey alert on screen as I had locked out this location previously. So I guess it's working.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    That's very good.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    But I have just not from Police
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    RL360C is it working ?

    Ka is 2 4 5 6 8 K is 1 2 3 4 TSR On Pop Off X Off Highway set.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    I have had Ka alerts, just not from PD 1634495610 When iam hooked up to Escort Live I will get a verbal alert of Live ka ahead. What is that ?
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    RL360C is it working ?

    Police seize it plus I think a $200 fine. So there's RDD here.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    I totally agree with your last point. So I guess I've been lucky and nothing to worry about. OPP in Ontario use K and Ka plus Lazar. Waze is pretty good here. I've set unit up for Ontario after asking in forums. 1634479539 Owned for 10 months. Used RD for ever.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    I drive around and never seem to get a real Police alert. I do get false Multaradar and K alerts. It also lights up gray when I go through locked out places. But I've passed several Leo's without a beep. Am I just lucky or is this RL360C gone bad ?
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    What age group are radar owners mostly in?

    I've had RD my entire life and Iam over 60. I just really like the technology of RDs and the cat and mouse game. Also it's always bugged me that here in Ontario RD is banned but the PoPo can shower us with all the radar and lazer they like. My latest toy is the RL 360c.
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    Speed Cameras and Radar Detectors

    Wow I never realized there was such a camera infestation but really nothing your fearless leader does would be a surprise🤮
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    Peel Region, ON Radar and Lidar

    They are mostly HWY but they also do small town cash collections.
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    Ottawa Photo Radar Camera rakes in the cash

    Make sure your MRCD and MRCT are turned on .
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    Max Cam 360c

    Hey Vortex I am surprised that Radargirl doesn't just send you one on loan for testing. Don't they realise that if it gets your seal of approval that sales will be good. Or are they scared it won't get a passing grade ?🤔
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    Redline 360c a waste of money or defective from day one?

    Hey that's our Radargirl 🤣
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    1.10 F/W ??

    Yes. They're either on or off.